Holiday parties involve circle of friends


You may think it is the time of year for Christmas music or eggnog or colder weather, but you are wrong. It is the time for partying with your friends. Believe it or not, they are everywhere.

BJ and I went to the Porsche Club Christmas party and greeted many folks we know from the club, such as Brooks and Barb Hanford. They live south of the bridge on either the east side or the west side, depending on the medical appointments.

We went with friends Jeanne and Peter Joseph. After the party, we all went home with gifts we neither wanted nor maybe even selected since they were acquired during the white-elephant exchange.

Then there was the Jefferson Community Foundation Christmas party, where we saw my friend Kim Hammers and the Wolfes, Judith and Emmet, as well as many others. We went with Steven and Fran Gross, who may not be experts on what the foundation does yet, but we are working on them.

Unfortunately, The Leader Christmas party was at the same time, so we chose the foundation for reasons not entirely evident other than that the JCF party was at the Port Townsend Winery. Heck, I shouldn’t have gone out that night at all since I got a very expensive and educational flat tire!

Then there was the Printery Christmas party at Pedro’s Fiesta Jalisco restaurant in Chimacum. Good food, lots of laughs, and questionable gifts, were in great supply.

Mike Kenna is the owner of the Printery, and I first met him 10 years ago at the Porsche Club Christmas party. Actually, the Wolfes were in the Porsche Club at one time long ago. Small town, eh?

Then there was the East Jefferson Rotary Club Christmas party at the Bay Club with president Caleb Summerfelt presiding. This year I again led the singing of Christmas carols by the assembled folks. I was joined by our foreign exchange student, Cai Giskes, and Katherine Leenhouts, daughter of Pete and Helen Leenhouts.

Joining us was the inimitable Connie Howland. Since her maiden name was Luce, we could be long-lost relatives but her voice is better than mine.

Remember the high winds of last week? They were nothing compared to the “wind bag” of entertainment provided by Ray Serebrin, the retired executive director of the Jefferson County Library.

Ray put on a show. In fact, he hosts the “Midlife Crisis Dance Party” every Thursday afternoon on KPTZ. Be sure to tune in. It will double his listening audience.

Then I go to the UPS store to return some items for BJ, and there is Kim Hammers again. Golly, twice in one week.

Oh wait, then I go to the Port Ludlow Post Office, and there is Anita Louise Cressy of the Port Ludlow Yacht Club and Meredith Wagner, former director of the library and Rotarian, all of us being served by Carol Shamhart.

So, we get to see all the locals at Christmas, which is why we don’t waste a stamp or letter on them. However, we do send a whole passel of Christmas letters to out-of-town friends and relatives.

If you want to get a letter or card with holiday greetings from us, either you or we have to move out of town.

At least you would get a letter you can hold in your hand and read without printing it off your computer’s email.

Don’t get me started on that rant.   

Given the subject of this column and the political climate of the day, I think it obvious that I don’t really believe in the Republican Party or the Democratic Party. I just believe in parties!

Love a curmudgeon and have a Happy New Year!


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