Give our buses a brake


Okay, let’s forget the law, the fine or old fashioned common courtesy here. There is a more serious reason to give buses a “brake,” and that is climate change. After years of being warned to reduce greenhouse gases, humans around the globe are now seeing and feeling the disastrous effects of ignoring those warnings - with even worse portents for the near future. The next time you see a bus on the road, consider that for every passenger inside there is one less person using a personal vehicle. By giving buses their lawful right-of-way, and thereby making them more efficient and convenient for people to use, you are not only playing your part in reducing traffic congestion, you are helping to eliminate a portion of the poisonous gases being constantly belched into the air that you and I must breathe and our planet must absorb. Think of a bus in those terms, and surely you’ll agree that being delayed a few seconds to allow a bus the right-of-way is a small price to pay for the enormous benefits. And besides, it is the law!



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