Future depends on facts


The letter in the April 10 Leader about slandering an alternative view was very unfortunate.

I don’t know from what sources this person gets their information, but the scientific evidence is unequivocal. Co2 and also methane are the main greenhouse gases. Human activity is the cause for a rise of these gases in our atmosphere. Overall global temperatures are rising mainly because of the increase of these gases in our atmosphere.

These are facts based in science. Alternative views that are based on anecdotal evidence or someone’s opinion are confusing at best and dangerous at worst. I suggest that the person who wrote the “alternative views” opinion get their information from multiple sources not just purveyors of climate denial pseudoscience.

The Fox News opinion shows and other media outlets have been misinforming people for decades, much to the detriment of our democracy and to public discourse. The shame goes to those who are deliberately denying and lying to prolong our use of fossil fuels. Future generations are depending on us to see the facts and act accordingly. We are failing miserably, much to the detriment of the living systems that support us and the entire biosphere.

Luke Poeschl


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