Eisenhour is the leader we need | Letter to the editor

Posted 10/19/20

This commissioner election is about character — about the ability to build nonpartisan coalitions, find common ground and craft compromises that work for the whole county, not just for wealthy …

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Eisenhour is the leader we need | Letter to the editor


This commissioner election is about character — about the ability to build nonpartisan coalitions, find common ground and craft compromises that work for the whole county, not just for wealthy retirees. 

Heidi is a proven leader with a long track record of getting things done right here in Jefferson County.

Heidi has lived and worked here for 40-plus years. She has extensive experience creating exactly the kinds of public-private-nonprofit partnerships that succeed in our rural county. She’s spent decades forging relationships and building trust.  That’s why Heidi is endorsed by all three current commissioners, as well as three former commissioners, and nine current and former mayors. 

Heidi can work with our existing leaders.  Her opponent spent her whole career in the I-5 corridor, spending big-city budgets, and her campaign is largely funded by out-of-county big donors.

Ask yourself who’s trying to buy this election, and why?

Do we really want someone who’s never had to earn a living here, send kids to school here, or struggle to rent a home here — setting policy on jobs growth, affordable housing, and creating a sustainable economy? “Deep roots” are no substitute for local knowledge.  

Heidi listens — not just to folks who agree with her, but to critics and naysayers. She’s good at finding common ground and crafting real-world solutions.  

Her opponent is a “my way or the highway” bulldog, always pushing her own agenda at the expense of all other views, and then throwing tantrums if she doesn’t get her way. If Lorna literally can’t find a way to compromise with a constituent about something as simple as placing campaign signs, threatening lawsuits and yelling, how she can hope to represent all of District 2?  

Vote local experience, integrity and common sense. Vote Heidi.

Libby Urner Wennstrom


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Nancy Charpentier

I find it very discouraging that you have leapt to character assassination as a method of supporting your choice in the election. These kinds of personal vendettas have no positive role to play, and it’s very disappointing that so many of Eisenhour’s supporters have adopted this behavior. Truly, it does not provide a tactical advantage if you find you cannot support your choice without resorting to innuendos and smears against Smith. Indeed, it only serves to reflect very poorly on Eisenhour.

Wednesday, October 21, 2020
Marge samuelson

I don't think you know Heidi very well. She was raised by parents who cared about the world they lived in. Her father was a good guy, who was lost to us way to young. Her mother is a very special person. Heidi would not use character assassination to win an election.

It is so strange to have two democrats running against each other. Heidi deserves to put all of her life skills to work for Jefferson County.

Thursday, October 22, 2020
Nancy Charpentier

Thank you for your comment, Marge, and the opportunity to clarify my point. When I said the behavior reflected poorly on Eisenhour, I meant that it did her no favors; I did not intend to impugn her integrity and I apologize for creating that impression. I did a lot of research into this election and what struck me was the veritable embarrassment of riches presented by all three candidates in the primary. There is no question that Eisenhour is rooted in this community, has made considerable contributions, and would seriously apply herself to the needs of the district. As would Lorna Smith. For me it came down to experience and knowledge, in both of which areas Smith holds the superior position for this specific office. If you look at the letters in support of Lorna, you won’t find attacks on Eisenhour’s character. I wish some of the supporters of Eisenhour would demonstrate the same show of respect for Smith, and I don’t think vindictive innuendo serves any candidate in an election. My issue is with Wennstrom’s unsupported attack on Smith’s character, which I believe smacks of a personal vendetta. I have a great deal of respect for Eisenhour, and am sorry if I gave a different impression.

Thursday, October 22, 2020

Nancy, nothing I wrote in my letter is unsupported - all based on direct personal experience, and borne out in experience of others. I'd hoped to not feel compelled to write this letter, and sat on it for months. I totally agree with you that campaigns are better when both candidates run on the issues, stick to the facts, and don't use misleading advertising or outright lies.

No one is raising questions about Heidi's character and fitness for office for a reason. I wish I could say the same about Lorna. Only one candidate in this race routinely lies about facts that are easily checked (say, campaign finance data, which is public record), uses misleading campaign ads designed to imply support where the people named are in fact supporting Heidi, or routinely ignores campaign finance rules or campaign advertising laws. I don't think it's "character assassination" to point things like this out.

Happy to talk to you about why I chose to write what I did.

Wednesday, October 28, 2020
Pamela Roberts

The Eisenhour campaign has used SMEAR TACTICS to brutally attack Lorna Smith and her campaign in the pages of the PTLeader for our entire community to see!

Lorna Smith is a highly regarded public servant and community volunteer. It is unforgivable to defame her reputation in a desperate attempt to win this election at all costs.

The Eisenhour campaign used these ugly, defamatory words to describe Lorna: thuggish, divisive, dishonest, belligerent, misleading, unyielding, autocratic, threatens, pathetic, too old, bulldog, bureaucrat, tantrum-throwing, "My way or the highway," and takes credit for the work of others.

That's quite a list isn't it? DON'T BELIEVE ONE WORD OF IT!

What has the response of the Smith campaign been to these attacks?

In the words of Michelle Obama, "When they go low, we go high."

Smith doesn't need to attack her opponent to win. THE RECORD IS CLEAR.

Vote for experience and integrity. Vote for Lorna Smith for Jefferson County Commissioner!


Wednesday, October 28, 2020