Editorial: '2018: Room for improvement'


Jefferson County faced its fair share of doom and gloom during the past 12 months.

Our downtown renovation plagued traffic and forced more than one business to close its doors.

Port Townsend’s housing crisis continues to bedevil citizens, and a resolution intended to help the matter failed.

And a jetty that holds the turbulent waters off our town is well past its prime.

But people tend to learn more from their defeats than from their victories, and we find good reason to expect that 2019 will be a better year.

The Wednesday after Election Day brought a halt to what seemed like an endless parade of electioneering, and with the relief comes hope. Those people who were willing to put their reputations on the line may indeed have what it takes to make Jefferson County a better place.

Soon, there’ll be a new sheriff in town, along with a newly elected prosecutor. Miscreants beware.

And with more than 83 percent of citizens turning out to vote, Jefferson County ranks among the highest in the state when it comes to an active democracy.

People who want to move here and those who already live in this area take pride in the knowledge that we have an incredibly involved and committed community.

All we really need to do is set aside our differences long enough to focus on our common goals. If we do that, they become easier to achieve.

Let’s ring in the new year by continuing to address problems that deserve our best efforts.

Issues such as affordable housing, the Point Hudson jetty, naval sound ordinances and commercial shooting facilities. And social programs like backpacks for underserved children.

As you lay your head down to sleep tonight, and as the day’s final thoughts race through your mind, try to latch on to one of the nagging issues you’ve faced during the past 12 months and mull its solution — or at least a way to bring relief to the problem.

This community is filled with the knowledge and expertise of more than 30,000 individuals.

If we work together, we can can find solutions.

- Lloyd Mullen


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