Donald continues boosting his image

Posted by Tom Camfield

I’m sure that there are others, among those whom Donald subordinates in the public mind by referring to them as “my generals,” who have some opinions similar to Eaton’s (read on). But they, of course, not being retired, are between a rock and a hard place in the later stages of lifetime careers. 

Still dazzled by a Bastille Day parade in France in July, Donald Trump during a meeting with French President Emmanuel Macron in September announced his idea of staging such a grand parade of troops and military might in Washington, D. C. on the Fourth of July.  And finally, he pushed the idea when meeting with his top generals at the Pentagon Jan. 18. He was quoted by one top military as saying, “The marching orders were: I want a parade like the one in France.” That was interpreted as a presidential order, the Washington Post said. At last report, the Pentagon was studying the matter. 

The Pentagon would prefer to hold, if ordered, such a parade not in July, but instead on Veterans Day (Nov. 11, formerly “Armistice Day”), in part because if would coincide with the 100th anniversary of the victorious end of World War I. 

But wait! The 2018 mid-term election will be Tuesday, Nov. 6. Veterans Day will be Sunday, Nov. 11. How embarrassing politically would that be for Donald if the Democrats were heavy winners on election day? Personally, I also don’t think the parade illustrating warlike capability would be appropriate on a day marking the centennial of the laying down of arms in the name of peace.

July 4 would serve Donald better politically, as he capitalized on the nation-wide patriotic spirit whipped up on that date. His image on the reviewing stand assuming adulation might linger on. And he could appropriate massive fireworks displays throughout the land in the evening hours as a part of it all. He could tweet and reminisce about the day right up until the polls closed in November. (Read on for another aspect of it all in one man’s individual comment on the Internet.)

Meanwhile, there are the added billions Donald is currently dumping into U. S. military budget to beef up “his” armed forces. There seems to be a pattern since Donald took office—buying friends in positions of power, be it financial or military. If only he could somehow emasculate the Justice Department and FBI, he’d probably feel safe from any sort of coup that might cost him his office and the perquisites of dictatorship. 

But sorry, Donald. The coup has begun. And no matter how much you dirty the waters with lies and misdirection (or firing of subordinates who dispute your value to humanity) in the months ahead, the results will be seen in November during the mid-term elections.

The public’s immediate need is a Democratic Congress—although a veto-proof one might be too much to hope for prior to 2020. Remember back before the last election when Republicans were all sanctimoniously promising to cut back on the annual deficit and overall federal debt? What did we wind up with instead? The equivalent of a bunch of drunken sailors on shore leave. 

But just as rats traditionally desert a sinking ship, many Republican Congress members with consciences are resigning this year as an invitation to the voters to fumigate the ship of state.

General Eaton (photo above) spoke out in response to Trump’s order for a massive parade of military might in Washington, D. C.  In many minds, including my own, it’s all a $20-million logistic nightmare merely to serve a single ego. Eaton said Trump has “continually shown himself to have authoritarian tendencies” and the parade idea was “just another worrisome example,” according to a tweeted statement from VoteVets, a progressive political action committee.  

Eaton also said among other things, that Trump’s past praise of authoritarian strongmen such as former Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein and Russian President Vladimir Putin made it clear that he wasn’t really interested in celebrating the military. Instead, it was “about making a display of the military saluting him,” Eaton added, noting how the armed services should not be “reduced to stagecraft to prop up Donald Trump’s image.”

“Unfortunately, we do not have a commander in chief, right now, as much as we have a wannabe banana republic strong man,” Eaton said.

This matter goes beyond the humorous conception of a parade featuring a huge balloon figure of Donald Trump hovering overhead. I read comments of others here and there on the Internet, and as Bill Thomson in Oregon puts it: “The military parade has one purpose: Get the Democrats to oppose it, and use it to question their patriotism. Republicans will wrap themselves in the flag, call Democrats unpatriotic, and it will resonate in red states. This is 100% a PR stunt, intended to help the Republicans before the midterms.”

And someone identified merely as Kira wrote: “Let’s see. We do have a military parade; it is called Veterans Day, but since he isn't a veteran and he expects bigger and better than anyone else, although he . . . is the smallest and the worst, he must have a parade for himself and spend the budget into a greater deficit . . . Sounds more like a description of 45 and his needs.”

Or The former Navy SEAL who claims he fired the shot that killed Osama bin Laden, who is blasting President Donald Trump's desire for a military parade down Pennsylvania Avenue. "A military parade is third world b—sh--. We prepare. We deter. We fight. Stop this conversation," Robert O'Neill tweeted.

And Kim Jong Un undoubtedly would boast to all who would listen that the parade illustrated how effectively he had frightened Donald Trump.

I find all sorts of learned evaluations all over the Internet, but no one seems to be taking up the standard of the downtrodden man in the street. What does this parade offer to the individual again coming up a week or two late with the month’s rent and looking forward to continuing stress? With no money to buy a decent birthday present for his child while $20 million goes down the rat-hole to glorify the eminence of Donald Trump?

What is this society all about? So I’m bashing Donald Trump. You’d better believe it. I’m a grass-roots realist.

¡La lucha sigue! The fight continues! (a closing line borrowed from Nevada Senator Catherine Cortez Masto)




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