Dirty air and hot air

Tom Camfield
Posted 7/2/19
It’s hard to believe that some people still stand up for Donald Trump and continue to believe his lies—day after day after day. Is it the pie in the sky he offers offhandedly when he has …

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Dirty air and hot air


It’s hard to believe that some people still stand up for Donald Trump and continue to believe his lies—day after day after day. Is it the pie in the sky he offers offhandedly when he has a frenzied crowd in front of him? Is it just welcoming and ready acceptance of his pandering to brutality, racism and misogyny? Perhaps to some who welcome Donald’s views it is the fear those opposing him might cause them to see some long-suffering soul inch to closer them on the economic ladder.

Whatever it is, those supporting this egocentric, single-minded sociopath are merely contributing to the premature death of themselves and their children—and of us and ours. God (if She actually does exist) only knows how bad things will be during the lives of all of our grandchildren. We (here at home and world-wide) are a step away now from the tipping point, the point of no return where Global Warming is concerned.

“Something I want to make clear to the media: We have among the cleanest and sharpest — crystal clean, you've heard me say, I want crystal clean — air and water anywhere on Earth,” Donald Trump said during his rabble-rousing rally in Florida on June 18—as he basked in mindless uproar. 

His comments came just hours after The Associated Press cited EPA records showing that the country experienced a stark increase in polluted air days in each of the past two years compared to any of the previous four years under the Obama administration. There were 15% more days with unhealthy air in 2017 and ’18 than there were on average from 2013 to ’16, for instance.

During that specific period under the Obama administration, the country experienced its lowest number of polluted air days since at least 1980. 

In Ireland June 5, Donald claimed that the U.S. now has the cleanest air and water in the world because he is president. He said, “We have the cleanest air in the world in the United States, and it’s gotten better since I’m president. We have the cleanest water. It’s crystal clean, and I always say I want crystal clean water and air . . .we’re setting records environmentally.”

That does not correlate with reality. It’s just another pack of lies by Donald Trump.

On 4,134 days in 2018, in 532 American metro areas, the official air quality index passed 100—which means it is unhealthy for people with heart and lung disease, the elderly and the very young. “The worst of the bad air days jumped even more. On average, in 2017 and 2018 there were nearly 140 times when a city's air pollution reached the worst two categories — "very unhealthy" and "hazardous" — with the air quality index greater than 200. That's more than two-and-a-half times the average of nearly 55 from 2013 to 2016. Last year, Riverside, California, topped the nation with 13 days in the worst two air quality categories and had the most bad air days of all types: 173.

About 100,000 Americans each year die prematurely because of polluted air, studies show.

The Seattle Times June 20 announced: “Trump rolls back Obama-era plan regulating coal plants.” This undoing of federal rules to combat global warming serves all manner of purposes for Donald—the repeal of everything positive accomplished by that skinny black guy who was president, pandering of polluting industrialists, and payback to major supporter Mitch McConnell, Senate majority leader. McConnell is from the coal-mining state of Kentucky and will be facing a possible strong opposition for re-election in 2020.

Repealing federal coal-burning restrictions, the Trump administration is leaving them up the discretion of top coal-producing states such as Wyoming, West Virginia, Kentucky, Pennsylvania, Illinois, Montana, Texas . . . and leading coal-burning states such as Texas, Indiana, Ohio, Illinois and Kentucky.

For just the WEEK ending June 22, U. S. coal production totaled 13,400,000 tons. Annual production was down during 2018 to only 755,000,000 tons (a mere 1.5 trillion pounds)..

TAKING ANOTHER LABORED BREATH—According to the American Lung Association’s State Of The Air report for 2019, more than four in 10 Americans, approximately 43.3 percent of the population, live in counties that have monitored unhealthy ground-level ozone (smog) and/or particle pollution, which have risen to record-breaking levels.

Yet “Donald still is trying to deny climate change with an empty claim that everything is great. He believes that his mere presence in the White House has cleaned up the nation’s air and water. HIs bragging would be silly if the policy behind it weren’t making the American people sicker every day."—PoliticusUSA.com (Jason Easley)


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