Commissioners approve application for ‘Phase 2’

County now waits for state approval

Posted 5/22/20

The Board of County Commissioners voted in favor of moving to Phase 2 of the governor’s “Safe Start” plan for reopening the economy.

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Commissioners approve application for ‘Phase 2’

County now waits for state approval


The Board of County Commissioners voted in favor of moving to Phase 2 of the governor’s “Safe Start” plan for reopening the economy at meeting May 22.

The vote does not mean the county is in Phase 2 yet. The “yes” vote allows county officials to send an application to the state Department of Health this afternoon, which must be approved by Health Secretary John Wiesman.

The application includes evidence that Jefferson County has the adequate health care capacity and adequate testing and contact tracing abilities in the county.

Commissioners approved recommendations made by Public Health Officer Tom Locke, which were modified and approved by the county’s Board of Health during a meeting on May 21.

If approved by the state, these activities will be allowed:

  • Recreation: Outdoor recreation involving fewer than five people outside your household excluding all overnight camping on state and county lands.
  • Gatherings: Gather with no more than five people outside your household per week. Graduation activities consistent with Phase 2 limitations and state guidance criteria, including use of the Drive-In facilities are specifically allowed.
  • Travel: Essential travel and limited non-essential travel for Phase 1 and 2 permissible activities. Out-of-area tourism strongly discouraged until Regional Phase 2 implementation.
  • Business/employers: Manufacturing (non-essential repair, maritime industry, and others); additional construction phases; in-home domestic services (nannies, housecleaning); professional services/office-based business, pet grooming, hair and nail salons for pre-existing customers only.

The board of health decided to take a regional approach to opening up camping and dine-in restaurants as well as retail businesses, such as downtown shops.

After Clallam County moves to Phase 2, Jefferson will open up overnight camping. After both Clallam and Kitsap counties move to Phase 2, Jefferson will open up restaurants for sit-down services at 50% capacity, real estate offices and retail shops.

According to Locke, Clallam County intends to apply for Phase 2 with the hopes of moving to that at the beginning of June. Kitsap County is currently dealing with an outbreak of the virus at a nursing home, but also intends to apply for a Phase 2 variance.

“It may be that this region is going to open up fairly soon,” he said. “At this point it is very unlikely that there’s going to be a statewide opening on June 1. At least four counties are not even close to the criteria being used to open up.”
Based on the criteria needed for a county to move to Phase 2, it is unlikely that the move to Phase 2 will happen as a state, but instead county by county.

Gov. Jay Inslee so far has announced a total of 20 counties can apply to move to Phase 2.

“Most people are looking at this opening process as a regional phenomenon rather than a statewide one,” Locke said.

All businesses must follow guidelines from the state Department of Health when they open. For example, retail stores must limit occupancy of their businesses to 30% of the maximum building occupancy. All of these guidelines are available to read on the governor’s website.

“Businesses are responsible for visiting the governor’s webpage and seeing what guidance exists for Phase 1 and Phase 2 if and when we get approved next week, that all of those guidelines must be followed in order for us to do this safely,” said Commissioner Kate Dean. 

In addition, Locke will be issuing a “masking directive,” at the beginning of June. It is within the public health officer’s power to issue a county-wide order requiring citizens to wear masks within public spaces if they cannot maintain 6 feet physical distance from each other.

See the full story in the May 27th edition of the Port Townsend Leader


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HarveyW Collateral Damage

For the record-- Not for shallow thinkers in PT Comments?

There is currently a problem with the announced closure of Taylor Street

by City Manager Mauro, without any true public process, and done by a City

employee overseen by the 3 term Appointed Mayor Sandoval. I believe as

others do that this is not the proper process to limit access for

businesses that will be attempting to recover after the long shut down.

I believe the City Manager is the sole employee of the entire City

Council, and should not be allowed to implement the change he is. It is

the job of Council to direct John Mauro. The Council with 2 attorneys on

board, and the Appointed Mayor are silent.

Below is my email to Appointed Mayor Sandoval and others regarding John

Mauro's plan. Adams Street uptown clarified legal processes needed to

close streets. It also shows how undoing what is done becomes impossible.

Now, a integral part of the engineered street system to navigate downtown

is being closed. People traveling on Washington Street have no way to go

around the block past Adams towards Taylor. They will be stuck going up

hill towards the post office, right onto residential streets or all the

way to Washington blocks away from destination. Those coming down the hill

no longer can access Water Street for 2 more blocks with Taylor closed,

well past the main grouping of buildings and business. Other negative

aspects will occur as well. Parking spaces will also be eliminated. This

is on top of the years long deconstructed parking enforcement, and

resulting damage to business access I know you are aware of. I see it


The City of Port Townsend via John Mauro under Michelle Sandoval is now

engaging in activities that will damage any potential for recovery that a

short window of opportunity may offer. Eateries seem to be catered to, at

the expense of all other businesses. I believe politics is playing a part

in closing Taylor, a past City Council member owns several eateries. The

lack of parking enforcement resulting in less access daily is also


Just needing your official stamp of approval on the Mauro closure. As a

daily user for 24 years of this area I know this closure (called an

opening to honor Orwell) makes recovery nearly impossible, and has

revealed deep problems with how the city is functioning. The short notice

is troubling. This closure will create traffic problems and lost business.

John Mauro in his press release also hints at other changes he may make.

Please clarify the role of City Council in this process that is damaging

and can further damage so many.

I have also made a satirical political cartoon that attempts to illustrate

the new situation that seems beneficial to the Appointed Mayor. Sandoval,

Council, and Mauro have it.

The lack of parking enforcement has allowed new condos and ownership

changes, and offices without parking consideration. I know residents and

office users. Having no parking plan at all displaces business parking and

favors development without parking considerations. As you know there are

years of photo and text documentation. Flaw the messenger if you like. I

am dealing with people who have no rules or remorse. The damage to

visitors and business stands on its own.

I have been in conversations with folks who understand more regarding

relevant law than I do. They warn some individuals should tread lightly,

and seem to already be involved in a criminal conspiracy that damages the

public they are charged to serve. They are and have drawn the City into a

bad place.

Please keep Taylor Street open. I would like to be focused on recovery

without constructed obstacles that will take time and effort to bring to

the public awareness.

Saturday, May 23
HarveyW Collateral Damage

The above was sent to the City Attorney. Stay safe. Lets really treat each other well and not abandon framework in place to protect everyone every day.

Saturday, May 23
Justeks Hale

Just for the record, Harv, the streets downtown are *residential streets*, too. Downtown is a residential neighborhood. Please also consider that traffic relief downtown is traffic relief for residents downtown. Please also consider that there are many residents downtown who are elderly, disabled, and immune compromised. We are grateful to the city of Port Townsend for doing everything humanly possible to keep all of our residents as safe as they can be, including the residents of downtown. These safety measures will also benefit downtown business owners, and their clientele. Most people with vehicles are perfectly willing and capable of rerouting themselves as need be, in the interest of the preservation of life & health for their fellow countrymen.

| Saturday, May 23
HarveyW Collateral Damage

For the ongoing record Just-anonymous-You are engaging in the shallow thinking that allows this illegal taking of a public asset, and what it can devolve into. Re read the letter. Much more is at stake than you make out.

Many residents today purchased places to live with the understanding they could take public parking all day, contrary to law. Now, that is "normal" for many, harming locals and visitors needing access that is maxed out many days or months. Regulars block my business, well, regularly. The volunteer parking enforcement program was purposefully deconstructed to allow more and more.

Is your purpose just to confuse? If merchants and community don't wake up, I am ok with that. Paul Revere didn't fight the British. People with brains and spines did. Paul just let them know what was coming. We need to understand what is here already. Do you?

Are we really a nation of laws? Do you know "They came for the (fill in blank) and I said nothing. Then they came for (fill in blank again) And I did nothing. Then they came for (fill in blank again anonymous) And I watched......Then they came for me."

Perhaps something you need or care about is next. Due process has been end run for special interests. Corruption is real. Even, or in my experience, especially, here. I asked folks this morning seated at tables set up where they were from. Most were not from here, this is about attracting visitors and confusing the easily confused like anonymous you. There are plenty of places for "residents". You take hook line and sinker the very shallow lie to take even more parking, which will kill off many businesses on the edge. Fascism and autocratic totalitarianism should have no place here. Unfortunately it seems many are not awake. Herd immunity to less than shallow thinking?

Signage says the closed (called open as Orwell knew it would be) street is a "Main Street Initiative" a booster organization that has betrayed my interests and other businesses for years, going along with no parking enforcement to keep the Directors job. Main Street is credited as being the source of this Orwellian closure called an opening. The sign does not say closed by Port Townsend Police as others do around town. I think the police chief must know better. Can he stand up? Probably not. The City Manager is his boss.

I wish everyone well, just not at the expense of others. We are currently in a room filling with water. You would see who is standing on my head, and yours, if you saw a bigger picture. Glug glug.

Are there any thinking people out there, or should Paul Revere just keep riding? Re read the letter. Criminal conspiracy. It didn't just start with Taylor Street.

Saturday, May 23
HarveyW Collateral Damage

Me again...It is relevant to know the President of Main Street (not paid director) owns 4 or 5 local restaurants. She was also on City Council and owns an extremely popular eatery that many local political figures are connected to on Facebook. Autocratic totalitarianism. Special interest. People using people. Screwing other people. No public input. Hey John Mauro, Appointed Mayor Sandoval. Clear up this misunderstanding. Waiting for a reply form the City Attorney to know how deep it goes. I wish all well until you stand on my head as the water rises.

Saturday, May 23
HarveyW Paul Revere

I have no choice but to share these thoughts and dare and invite any and all to challenge what I say with substance.

First we must remember what Memorial Day is about. Thanks to all who served. I meet, in my woody business setting, all ages and kinds who share ideas and stories. Sometimes we forget we need to defend things here at home too. Effort is put in across the world and lives laid down. Remember what for? Democratic process to keep the Republic sound. We all know things are flawed. Everyone included. Right now "the people's" ability to see is very flawed.

So, the universe has given us this Memorial Day weekend a symbol and test. A hastily thrown together "temporary" town square if you like, stolen from an artery that feeds us all in ways not all understand. Sold as a great social distancing tool, it will be in fact a Covid 19 mosh pit for the careless. Look at photos from other places. Who crowned John Mauro our dictator and expert? Many will not obey masks and distance. What does he have to lose"? To gain?

There was no Democratic process as required by law, laws believed in by those we honor this weekend, but need to honor with our time and action. Very thinly veiled Marshall law has been declared in the taking of this public property, to benefit specific individuals at great cost to the majority, visitors, businesses, and residents. Want to be a resident in a vibrant community? Business you love here in town are part of that. Things I make and sell are woven throughout this community and far beyond. Some claim priority using inside connections to cut legal corners, harming others. That isn't community. It is Autocratic Totalitarianism. City sanctioned.

I have sent Orwell quotes to the No Term Limit City Council and Appointed Mayor for years. Here is one with excerpts from what City Manager Mauro says regarding the Fascist hostile takeover with a smiley face.

Orwell-- “Political language is designed to make lies sound truthful and murder respectable, and to give an appearance of solidity to pure wind.”

Mauro-- “These are temporary closures and changes that we can just make happen,”

Dumb wood guy-- "Just make happen"? Again, "Just make happen????". All quick like with no notice or real public input? "Temporary?" Is that a legal term, or license to keep possession indefinitely? Is it days? Weeks? Months? Years? It will be a while until things are "normal". What is the process to define "temporary". Look up the Bruce Cockburn song "The Trouble With Normal Is It Always Gets Worse" Ground taken will not be returned. Orwell "No one ever takes power with the intent to relinquish it." This is Mauro's debut. Go big John. Collateral Damage be damned.

Mauro- On removing more parking at the foot of Adams- "It’s kind of just a gravel parking lot, which is not the best use of that space, particularly as parking isn’t as pressing with the fewer visitors"

Dumb wood guy-- Who decided the "best use" it may be the historic use. We have no data to support the supposition City Manager Mauro easily comes up with. Future data must match his goal, so he fakes and no one questions him. He really isn't even that good at it. I have seen better. We are a bunch of fools aren't we? There is need for those spaces, phase 2 will see the same historic need for space there and on Taylor. Not enough. Dumb wood guy has been here 25 years to observe. Mauro? 5 months. He continues the no parking enforcement policy that limits business access. For all. Even eateries. Now he cuts even more parking. His pay will not be affected. I am on your side foodies.

Mauro press release "Phase 2 will trigger additional temporary decisions, potentially involving sidewalk space, outdoor seating, temporary street or parking closures, parklets, and food trucks. Additional locations around the city will be surveyed for potential suitability of similar temporary measures."

Temporary is pretty vague. God Bless America. God Help Us. Thanks for your service. I have come to realize this is mine. Orwell--“Until they become conscious they will never rebel, and until after they have rebelled they cannot become conscious.” Time to wake up. Or not. Paul Revere signing off. Thanks to the Leader. I'll take the lead if you won't. Great possibilities for a vibrant forum. The powers that be would hate that.

Sunday, May 24
Nathaniel Hale

Yo, Harve, bud,

>>He said, "Son, I've made my life out of readin' people's faces, And knowin' what their cards were by the way they held their eyes. So if you don't mind my sayin', I can see you're out of aces. For a taste of your whiskey I'll give you some advice.

You got to know when to hold 'em, know when to fold 'em,

Know when to walk away and know when to run.

You never count your money when you're sittin' at the table. There'll be time enough for countin' when the dealin's done."<<

Maybe it's time to sell the ol' business, and move to a place where you can enjoy peaceful mental health, and "the weather suits your clothes"? 'Seems like mebbe this ain't that place? RIP Kenny Rogers.

| Sunday, May 24
HarveyW Collateral Damage

Yo Nate, real name? You can't drown at the shallow end of the pool. Stay safe.

“During times of universal deceit, telling the truth becomes a revolutionary act.” ― George Orwell

'In this game that we're playing, we can't win. Some kinds of failure are better than other kinds, that's all." George Orwell

I am aware Nate of my odds in this effort. Folks like you bolster those in power in small and large tide pools of power..

The opening set to happen soon is the liquidation I hope to do, to have the option to leave PT corruption so many know of, and do nothing about. I need customers with proper protection to be able to get to me. Now I am having to change how liquidation will be done since the appropriation of Taylor. My inflow and everyone's is cut down. More damage by the City of Port Townsend.

Does Mauro know he is assaulting his tax base, and do other businesses grabbing public parking know we need each other equally? Mauro damages the tax base by limiting access by back door methods. He needs to focus on safety and do only what the City Council directs him to. He is now a renegade and loose cannon with your approval..

Now I see the plan really is to limit parking and basic access by continued non enforcement, and eliminating spaces so no one from near or far can visit and do business. It is what is occurring. Closing streets and parking is "opening". What an "Ace" Mauro has in lazy thinkers. I quote Orwell because the mechanics does not change.

I don't know what other damaging elimination of minimal parking City Manager Mauro will come up with, as he says he will in his press release. Existing parking is, and will continue to be limited by no Parking Enforcement as always, and now elimination of spaces on Taylor. This is why I am asking the City Attorney for clarification. It is why I am doing all this writing (and thinking Nate) so that the public can wade in or watch in confusion. Willing community members are taking part for individual gain, there are always turncoats to be used. Some of those used minimize fact and cast doubt, as with your comment. Others take for personal gain and know no larger picture.

Remember Nate..."then they came for me". Say noting Nate, and hope no one wants what you have or need. .

I am fully aware my last "Ace" is the people Nate. That is why I went big here in comments, to be sure my understanding of the facts and damage is clear. So far in comments only two jokers respond.

"Hold still while all are screwed, or sell and let others get screwed". Thanks for the wisdom.

I can fold. Any day. I have the place to go. I was taught not to just walk away from a growing fire, and be a first responder of sorts. Are we a nation of laws and process to protect all as we honor those who sacrificed for us all? Stepping up isn't easy, or a first choice Nate. I consider your advice to fold and may well take it. The option of selling is complicated, and damaged by Mr. Mauro and his boss the Appointed Mayor, who are in this case "the City".

As to mental health, I run things by folks that know more than you, Kenny Rogers, and me. City wide groupthink is the insanity. This very long string of comments that I am fully aware is not "normal" for a properly sedated citizen is what I was taught you do in the face of tyranny. Sound the alarm. Write carefully expecting to be attacked from many directions. My "Aces" are "the people" and if they can absorb what is happening better than you act like you can. My Aces may well be just more jokers.

Any Aces out there, or should I walk away? God I do love me some metaphors. Thanks for reminding me again what the "masses" are probably not thinking Nate or whoever you are. I don't see any specific thoughts from my 2 jokers on the Fascist process now being used.

I will let George close for me. “If people cannot write well, they cannot think well, and if they cannot think well, others will do their thinking for them.”

“There was truth and there was untruth, and if you clung to the truth even against the whole world, you were not mad.” ― George Orwell

And as to the futility of what I am attempting, knowing how rare Aces are.....

“It was not by making yourself heard but by staying sane that you carried on the human heritage.” -George Orwell

"In this game that we're playing, we can't win. Some kinds of failure are better than other kinds, that's all. " It really is how you play the game Nate, no matter the god you look up to.

Monday, May 25

Taylor is open as of Tuesday 5/26. Amazing. The City Attorney is working on a reply I will post. What a great community. Kenny Rogers was credited by "Nate" for The Gambler." Nilsson was not for "goin where the weather suits my clothes" I am wearing the same clothes I always have. The weather here changed, not so many of us. Got to keep things straight. Enjoy finding a parking space on Taylor. Thanks to all for your service. Really.

Tuesday, May 26