Bring manufacturing back to the U.S.


Is it time? Are we fed up yet? Do you even care about America?

Russia, Russia, Russia was the battle cry, when over 95% of our American drug market and pharmaceutical ingredients come from China. The drugs we all take every day to keep us alive or hooked on medicines. Virtually nothing we buy doesn’t come from China. The coronavirus began in Communist China, coincidentally near the Chinese Wuhan Military/Civilian bioweapons factory. Do a little online research, you’ll be shocked.

During the Chinese trade negotiations, several U.S. officials were concerned that at least one Chinese suggested slowing down our drug supply line as a way to get a better deal. What happens if we’re at war with them someday? Surgical masks, sanitizers, disinfectants and many other items are all made in China. Even the liberal NY Times and the FDA reported some drugs are already in short supply.

Why have we as a country cut off our noses to spite our faces, selling out our country to make a profit and leaving us vulnerable? Why have politicians sold us out? Why have politicians let it happen? Why have WE let it happen? Just for cheap stuff? Look in our national park souvenir stores: mostly made in China. U.S. flags made in China. Even Hollywood now says by next year the entire movie industry market will be taken over by China. Chinese hackers steal our intellectual property, steal trade and military secrets. Do we as a country have a death wish?

The time is now to demand we take our country back and bring manufacturing and more jobs to America. The president is doing what he can but he needs our help. Are you ready or will you let partisan politics hold you back? Demand action!

Craig Lohner
Port Townsend


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