Bogey-plus Donald out of bounds again

Tom Camfield
Posted 9/11/19
In golf terminology, a “bad lie” would be like having your ball in deep rough behind a gooseberry bush 160 yards from the green. With addicted golfer Donald Trump, “bad lie” …

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Bogey-plus Donald out of bounds again


In golf terminology, a “bad lie” would be like having your ball in deep rough behind a gooseberry bush 160 yards from the green. With addicted golfer Donald Trump, “bad lie” also more glaringly describes the language he speaks and tweets from pre-dawn until whenever he has to stop and refuel at the end of the day. Aug. 31—By The Washington Post’s reckoning, Trump has so far told more than 12,000 lies since taking office in January 2017.

“Bogey,” for the edification of some non-golfers, refers to one stroke over par on any given hole. Given Donald’s famous penchant for cheating at golf, I doubt if he shoots even that well. Oh, the stories his Secret Service agents likely could tell!

Typical of el Gordo, over Labor Day weekend, was his cancelling of a trip to Poland for the commemoration of the 80th anniversary of the invasion of that country during World War II, presumably because he had to remain in Washington to deal with the progress of hurricane Dorian. But he was soon off to the golf course, from where he spent the weekend supposedly monitoring hurricane Dorian (but actually managed to pass along an erroneous report of serious damage to possibly occur in Alabama).

After getting off a great many tweets attacking everyone from the “Squad” of four brown-skinned congresswomen to Democrats in general, the mayor of London, the “corrupt” news media . . . Donald hastened off to one of his personal golf resorts, Bedminster in Virginia. Incidentally, his 24 Air Force One flights, so far, to his personally-owned Mar-a-Lago resort have cost $47,288,000 and his 23 flights to his Bedminster club $18,375,500 (see link given in foregoing heading illustration).

A break-down of costs shows that overall Donald’s golf has eaten up 109,000,000 taxpayer dollars—or more than a tenth of $1 billion. Some of the other costs have been Coast Guard security off the coast of Mar-a-Lago $21,476,000 and a stay at his course in Turnberry, Scotland, $3,600,000 (Luxury car rental alone there was $1,260,139).

As for that trip to Poland, Donald—who recently more or less anointed himself as “king of the Jews” for his support of Israel’s militance against Palestine—probably was just looking for a chance to skip out on Poland. Two years ago, July 2017, he bypassed (while in Poland for a G-20 gathering) visiting the Warsaw Ghetto. That was where Jews were confined during World War II before being sent to their deaths at concentration camps. His predecessors had made such visits. He is no friend of Polish Jews.

Back to golf: On Tuesday, Sept. 3, CNN’s “New Day” aired a searing montage showing Trump repeatedly attacking Barack Obama in 2016 for golfing during his presidency. These images were accompanied by Trump’s repeated campaign promises that he wouldn’t have much time, if any, to golf if he were elected president. See:

In all, Trump tweeted continuously over the long weekend, spending the bulk of his focus attacking his enemies and bashing journalists for fact-checking the false information he pushed about Dorian.

Mocked by the mayor of London for playing golf amid hurricane preparations Labor Day weekend, Donald responded that he played "very fast" and told the mayor to mind his own business.

"The incompetent Mayor of London, Sadique Kahn, was bothered that I played a very fast round of golf yesterday," Trump tweeted, misspelling the first name of his nemesis Sadiq (of Indian ethnicity but born in England). In a follow-up post, Trump said: "He is a terrible mayor who should stay out of our business!” This from a U.S. president who has sounded off at length on the Brits’ “Brexit” imbroglio, insulted their former prime minister, etc., as if he has a major role in their government. Donald is no more popular with Londoners than he is with Warsaw Jews—or Jews or Brits most anywhere for that matter.

“I’m going to be working for you, I’m not going to have time to play golf,” Donald proclaimed during a 2016 campaign rally. “I’m not going to be playing much golf, believe me,” he promised at a Feb. 2016 campaign event.

The only campaign promise that Donald was serious about was his Great Wall of Trump along the Mexican border. The others were just so many bad lies, from which he took drops and played on.


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Fred Camfield
Donald does not work on weekends.
Wednesday, September 11
Tom Camfield
Did you ever wonder why he never buttons his suit coat? I figured it out long ago. It would emphasize how portly he is (see above) if he buttoned up.
Thursday, September 12