Biotoxins Affecting Shellfish in Jefferson County

Posted by FredaWatson

Wednesday, July 5th @ 5:00PM
Program: Biotoxins Affecting Shellfish in Jefferson County

Location: Fort Flagler State Park Hospital

Join us to learn about the biotoxins that affect our Bivalve molluscan shellfish such as clams, mussels, oysters, geoduck, and scallops. We’ll discuss the what, why, where and how on biotoxins. We’ll also review what we as local residents can do to reduce biotoxins.

Presenter: Michael Dawson is the Water Quality Manager with the Department of Jefferson County Public Health. His principal responsibility is to protect surface water in eastern Jefferson County, Washington, from non-point source pollution. My goal is to keep shellfish beds open for harvest and ensure that outdoor water recreation is safe. Mr. Dawson also assists the state with monitoring marine harmful algae blooms along 200 miles of shoreline.

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Event Date
Wednesday, July 5, 2023
Event time
5:00 PM - 7:00 PM
Cost / donation
Freda Watson,
, 918-289-8795