Be kinder, increase understanding


This is a painful and disturbing topic that is becoming more and more familiar to many of us.

As a woman of Jewish faith, it’s hard to not voice my thoughts. Each of us must look inside ourselves and ask what we can do to be kinder to one another and share our feelings and thoughts with different people in an open, non-judgmental way so we can increase understanding.

Every time someone performs an act of violence in a church or temple or synagogue it touches each of us.

On Sabbath on the last day of Passover it’s difficult to comprehend the hateful purpose to kill in places of worship. I have prayed and hoped that these incidents in both schools and open places will end, but alas they become ugly reminders that many people in our world still carry hatred and prejudice.

I wonder how to explain these things to our children and students? What can we do here in Port Townsend to open up more dialogue between people?

Do you have any answers?

Nan Toby Tyrell
Port Townsend


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