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Posted by Tom Camfield

This is merely a brief test blog to see if I have properly followed posting instructions for the upgraded version of the Leader on line—ptleader.com.

My main concern is attachment of an accompanying photo. If it appears properly here it will depict troops from Fort Worden bivouacked in Chimacum Valley in 1910. This appears to have been at least an annual training exercise. Other photos of the era indicate that while some horses were involved, most of the troops marched to the scene. ‘

Another early photo depicts troops having marched from Fort Worden’s west gate along San Juan Avenue and turning up Dundee Hill.



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Marge Samuelson

The military at Fort Worden trained in Chimacum Valley for years. In April of 1911 they were training at Twiggs Ranch. Another name was Camp Whistler. In Aug 1914 the Army held camp there but had to abandon the camp because of forest fires. They helped put them out. They also took a long march from Chimacum to Quilcene. The locals couldn't find them, but they ended up at Uncas in Discovery Bay. The camp was a bit of a social affair also with townspeople coming out to visit.

Thursday, February 28, 2019
Tom Camfield

Nice research, Marge! I just ran across a related photo, not so comprehensive, that I'll post soon. I had some other related ones if I can find out what iCloud did with them.

| Thursday, February 28, 2019