A consistent public servant

Posted 9/4/19

I have known and respected Monica Mick-Hager, candidate for city council, over the many years each of us has lived and worked in Port Townsend. Over that time Monica has been a consistent public …

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A consistent public servant


I have known and respected Monica Mick-Hager, candidate for city council, over the many years each of us has lived and worked in Port Townsend. Over that time Monica has been a consistent public servant, devoting much of her free time to her community in both the governmental sphere, as well as other non-governmental organizations that she has voluntarily chosen to support. There is no question in my mind that she has been a treasured public citizen working for what is best in our city and beloved hometown.

She now seeks to continue that service as a member of our citizen government, the Port Townsend City Council. For those residents who many not know her, or be aware of her history of contribution to the betterment of our community, I both urge and advise that you consider her with your vote this November.

In my humble opinion you will be making a solid choice. Whatever one’s politics or positions on an issue may be, in the end honesty, trust and integrity will continue to serve us all. And Monica has that in spades. Please consider her candidacy as a citizen representative for Port Townsend in this year’s election. She will serve her community with energy and skill, as she has continued to do for such a long time. Thank you.

John Baker
Port Townsend


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Here is a link to the ktpz candidate interview with Appointed Mayor and 8 year term Council Member Deborah Stinson and Monica Mick-Hager. Informative as to qualifications, and most notable to me, Monica's position regarding changing some of the structure of the City Council to better include the community, and her position on term limits. https://kptz.org/pt-city-council-candidates-2/

Deborah Stinson has a track record we can all see.

As some know parking enforcement and more importantly a long term plan for parking is my "cause" because it impacts so many aspects of life in PT. Parking enforcement was inexplicably deconstructed by the City Council during Stinsons 2 terms and under her watch as appointed mayor. The City Council deserted and abandoned all of us, business and visitors. I have consistently asked Mayor Stinson to come visit me at my business to see first hand the damage done to business, visitors, and the basic culture of polite law abiding citizens. I have requested that she tell me what to tell folks asking me about parking enforcement that I know discriminates against all visitors from near and far that do not know of the official tolerance policy. There was never any reply from Stinson or any Council member over the last 5 years.

2 months ago I wrote a letter to the editor called Self Entitled Disrespect Needs To End. That began my push for Council Term Limits and an elected mayor. I got a visit from a woman I didn't know who wanted to meet me and show support for my writing. Monica Mick-Hager. Others in the community have contacted me as well. No on the City Council has taken the time to engage with this member of the community. The City Council and the Appointed Mayor are silent and disconnected, despite regular requests to at least answer emails with photo and text documentation provided over the last 5 years. Monica has communicated. Monica has a history of public service and my gut feeling after meeting her is she is a person I would gladly do business with. Deborah Stinson does not give me that "vibe". Please vote based on solid research. Monica is by far your only choice if you believe in open government and public service that is inclusive.

Harvey Windle

Forest Gems Gallery in PT since 1996

Wednesday, September 4, 2019