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Time to take it down a notch.

Trump began his business career while still enrolled in college, investing in Philadelphia real estate. Upon completing his undergraduate education in 1968, he returned to New York and joined his father’s business full time. Public criticism and scandal marked Trump’s early career. In 1973, the US Justice Department accused the Trump company of discriminating against African American would-be renters. Although the company did not admit wrongdoing, it settled the matter by agreeing to rent more apartments to Black tenants.

The Trump Organization faced severe financial challenges. Trump borrowed significant amounts of money to fund the hotels and casinos. The situation grew so severe in 1990 that Fred Trump, then in his 80s, purchased more than $3 million in casino chips at Trump Castle so the casino could make an interest payment. That purchase was later judged to be an illegal loan, and New Jersey assessed a fine of $65,000. Two Trump-owned companies filed for bankruptcy during this period: the Trump Taj Mahal in 1991 and the Trump Plaza Hotel in 1992. An unflattering biography of Donald Trump, published in 1993, was titled Lost Tycoon and declared that he has become a “public laughingstock” in the wake of his business failures.

Trump’s businesses were also involved in a large number of lawsuits, both as defendant and plaintiff. The newspaper USA Today reported that, as of 2016, Trump or one of his companies had been involved, in 3,500 legal cases in federal and states courts. Trump was the plaintiff in 1,900, suing someone else; in 1,450, he was the one being sued. The remainder included other types of cases, including bankruptcies.

Donald Trump is not capable of being president of any country, dictator maybe.

I am so glad Joe Biden is president. A man who is articulate, thoughtful and has the best interest of the American people.

From: Time goes by | Tom Camfield

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