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History has been recorded, time will show that what the Jan 6th committee accomplished was an important deterrent in stopping another Trump happening. The Republican approach was that by opposing an independent commission and by refusing to keep any of their choices on the House committee, Republicans would successfully short-circuit the effectiveness and impact of the investigation before it got started. The idea being that without Republican participation the whole thing would look like a partisan witch hunt, with little practical damage, politically speaking, to the GOP.

But I think they miscalculated.

Representative Kevin McCarthy, the Republican minority leader, chose last summer to withdraw all of his nominees to the House committee investigating the riot on Jan. 6, 2021, and its roots. Credit...Tom Brenner for The New York Times

A Year Later, Some Republicans Second-Guess Boycotting the Jan. 6 Panel

But the public display this month of what the panel has learned — including damning evidence against Mr. Trump and his allies — left some Republicans wishing more vocally that Mr. Trump had strong defenders on the panel to try to counter the evidence its investigators dig up. By Luke Broadwater, New York Times

Maybe they just didn't have any strong defenders!

From: Time goes by | Tom Camfield

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