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Did she get off easy? Was she treated so kindly?

Or was she prohibited from a place for views she didn’t agree with? Was she shoved, named called, and verbally harassed at any events afterwards? Was she ostracized is the local newspaper after the succession of events following? Did citizens come out of the woodwork to claim how understanding they are, or did they place value on what her atonement should be for offending someone? Answer to all of those is yes!

Here comes another citizen claiming that she wasn’t punished enough. Still such a tolerant city I see?!?

And if you would have been treated worse, as a man, would you agree that maybe there is a huge double standard as well here? The answer to that is yes as well.

So where does the problem lie here? Is it Julie J? Was a crime committed? Was it that the only whisper coming out of PT is far right violence? That never happened. Do you believe Prosecutors here could actually make that charge stick (offending someone)? Would they be correct in doing so with all of the other crimes dismissed and dealt away?

All our problems lie in bigger fields than this. It’s in the double standards. It’s in the virtue signaling and whatever else silly reasons some people will find. I’d say people move on and let those folks deal with it themselves.

This is just fanning the flames to keep a spark going.

From: Person who caused dispute gets a pass | Letter to the editor

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