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I applaud this letter. We never know who is on the other side or what’s in that persons heart or where their intentions lie.

I believe this city will stay divided as long as individuals keep grandstanding about how the original individual (Julie Jaman ) should repent or be punished.

It’s that same sentiment that kept the city divided during lockdowns. Many folks felt that if you weren’t vaccinated you deserved to suffer thru name calling, denial of treatment, and loss of jobs. This newspaper supported that sentiment as well by posting the article a little over a year ago.

I implore people to start thinking for themselves more instead of listening to the news. (CNN, MSNBC, FOX, doesn’t matter). Get off the news for two weeks. Research on your own. Be amazed at what you find.

Bless you all regardless. I wish the best for everyone regardless what you believe. CS.

From: Stop guessing and ask with respect | Letter to the editor

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