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JOHNSON: Yeah, so Biden has had a record first year. But Trump did extremely well. But he had, you know, four years to do that. And Biden didn't enter the presidency with as many vacancies as Trump had. But as the presidency continues, you have more and more vacancies arise. So you're going to have more emerge, and you know, the administration wants to take advantage of them as quickly as possible. NPR January 2, 2022

"Scholars have referred to Majority Leader Mitch McConnell's actions during this time as a blockade of judicial appointments," said Michigan State political scientist Ian Ostrander. "Very few judicial nominations were successful during the 114th Congress,"

Republicans won control of the Senate in 2014. From that point on, the numbers show how hard it was for Obama to seat the people he put forward.

A key part of understanding judicial confirmations lies in the Senate. The Senate is the gatekeeper and, without its nod, no nomination goes through. The party that holds the Senate wields final control.

During the two years before Republicans took the Senate, Obama had a confirmation success rate of nearly 90%.

Afterward, the confirmation rate fell to 28%. PolitiFact

Give us a democratic house and he will appoint judges.

From: Common sense | Tom Camfield

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