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Hillary Clinton decided to run for president in 2008. That was some 16 years prior to the 2024 presidential election toward which we're now looking. So I'm not all that keen in rabbit hunting in the wrong direction. I did a little looking back, however. and quickly ran across a 2020 fact-check site that began: "President Donald Trump and his supporters on social media are citing unverified 'Russian intelligence' from 2016 as evidence that Hillary Clinton 'was behind the entire Russian collusion hoax.' But that so-called intelligence is largely a reflection of publicly available information at the time. Federal investigations since then have do***ented multiple links between Trump associates and individuals tied to the Russian government."

So I quit without reading further or studying the plethora of well-known conservative Internet sites eager to promote the word "hoax" and proceed from there. I did notice along the way a comment by Trump’s own former attorney general 'William Barr: "The tactic that Trump is using to exert this control over the Republican Party is extortion," Barr said of his former boss. “What other great leader has done this? Telling the party, ‘If it’s not me, I’m going to ruin your election chances by telling my base to sit home. And I’ll sabotage whoever you nominate other than me.’ It shows what he’s all about. He’s all about himself.”

And let’s keep in mind, meanwhile, that Hillary can run again in 2024.

From: Reality | Tom Camfield

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