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M.S. your comment was "The country( Saudi Arabia) that was responsible for 9/11".....So because 15 of the al-Queda members were from Saudi Arabia the entire country of S.A. is guilty and no US company/business should do business with them? That's like saying that Central American countries are guilty of crimes their citizens commit here in America.

Here's a link that lists major American companies doing business in Saudi Arabia.


How many of those companies have stockholders who are invested? Do you have a retirement fund? maybe you yourself profit off of doing business over there?

Our fight after 9/11 was with al-Queda not with Saudi Arabia, do you think we should have gone into conflict on Saudi soil, who were major business partners or should we take that conflict to Iraq and Afghanistan where al-Queda had training camps?

And it's time for Patty to go packing, after 30 years it's time for some fresh ideas.

From: Accountability | Tom Camfield

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