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"I consider Trump our greatest “domestic enemy” at present and perhaps of all time.".

Really? not those who bombed the Murrow building, not those who flew airplanes into the Twin Towers NYC, not those mass shooters in our schools, not the thousands of illegal criminals who cross our southern border, but it's Trump who, in your opinion, presents an existential threat to US.....

"Whom would you trust to stand by your side? With whom would you “ride the river” in stressful times?". When I compare the job that Trump did compared to that of Biden, securing our borders, our status as a major oil exporter, the economy, it's obvious who did a better job.

The Seattle Storm is hardly where I would go for opinions on Constitutional law.

"women have lost the freedom to decide their own future.” Nonsense, almost every State allows *********, some have different time limits. In Seattle the Roe decision has zero affect.

"Read, listen, communicate with friends in red states — vote Nov. 8.". Be an informed citizen, don't be a mindless drone who just votes a straight party line, don't listen to the fear mongers. Do the research, learn what the candidate has done, not just what they promise to do. Look at where the candidates get their money.

From: Friends and Enemies | Tom Camfield

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