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This is what the haters do, they take words and apply their own interpretations to them. I agree that he said "there were good people on both sides", where we differ is that I take the words verbatim while you add your biased interpretation of those words to conform to your prejudiced opinion. "So you agree with trump it's o.k. to support white nationalists? ", no I don't.

"What the Republicans are doing now is exactly what is happening to you JIH. Blame the haters, so no one will listen to them. ".....You mean like when I point out that biased media, obvious Trump haters, promulgated a false story about Trump for over a year coming up to the 2020 election. Or when I point out that your claim that Trump said "it's o.k. to be a white supremacist" is false? Speaking the truth is not "blaming".

From: Racism’s role | Tom Camfield

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