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In Toms's world if anyone has doubts about M. Jackson being a Supreme Court Judge they are automatically smeared as a "racist". I guess Tom doesn't mind that someone who will be interpreting our Constitution and our laws doesn't know how to define a woman, and doesn't know when life begins. I guess in Tom's world color is more important than character. Joe Biden said that he was only going to appoint a black female to the SCOTUS, is that not racist?

Tom relates the horrors being committed in Ukraine at Putin's command, the horrors committed by Stalin, and tourette's like he has to drag Trump into the story. What the hel does Trump have to do with any of that? Who is President Biden or Trump? Did Putin invade Ukraine while Trump was in office? No, he did it while Biden was Commander-in-chief.

"one is left wondering just what it is exactly he(Trump) thinks we could use at our southern border". Probably thinking about how Biden has skrewed up that situation.

From: Racism’s role | Tom Camfield

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