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Having watched Presidents come and go since World II, I've been convinced that Donald Trump is stupid, self-serving and apparently wants to convince us all that the acquisition of money somehow equates with intelligence.

And, no. I haven't voted a straight Democratic ticket all these years. Actually, there are millions of people out here more concerned for the welfare of others (as well as themselves) than for getting more money than the next guy into the bank. And we still know the real new from fake news.

Donald got into office with a more thin 3,000,000 deficit in the popular vote, thanks to the same Electoral College that showed him losing by 7,000,000 in his attempted re-run. And he's merely upgraded the pace of his lying that everyone likes his dictatorial manner. Until he can bring about actual book-burning own South and around, history will record what an actual self-serving cheat he has been. If he hadn't been President of the U.S., he'd be im jail by now.

From: History's blights | Tom Camfield

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