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"You keep harping on Biden because like Trump supporters, it's the best way to cover up what their leader did" .....And here you are bringing up a story about Trump's Son-In-Law without any citation, at least I quote the sources, please quote yours. And as I said Trump is no longer the POTUS, Biden is, what he does affects our lives today! And you know dam well that if the roles were reversed today you would be screaming to toss Trump in jail. Hypocrite much?

In the four years Trump was in office you Haters tried to impeach Trump twice based on "allegations" and he was acquitted both times. The Mueller investigation spent 32 million taxpayer dollars and 22 months investigating the false "collusion" allegations against Trump, for what? Now you haters want to ps away more of our tax dollars chasing another "alleged" violation against a private citizen, for what? The "for what" is your way to divert attention from the mess Biden has got US in today, keep fanning the flames of hate for Trump.

From: History's blights | Tom Camfield

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