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Once again, lacking any good news about how the current administration is doing the Democrat partisan defaults to regurgitating his hatred of all things Trump.

"Obviously, he (Putin) was mistaken in assuming general weakness and self-serving stupidity of the U.S. due to his association with Trump (and due to the latter’s actions)."..... Of the last four administrations Trump was the toughest on Russia, do a Google search. Of the last four administrations, which is the one that did not see Russia invading their neighbors, it wasn't Bush's, Obama's, or Biden's.

Tom are you going to deny that the NYT, WaPo, and other media promulgated a false story about Trump and Russian collusion for over a year, that's not fake news?

"Thank God we have Biden rather than Trump in the White House." Oh hel yes, gas prices are through the roof, when not that long ago during the Trump administration the US was energy independent, a major exporter of oil, now we go begging for others to do what we should be doing. The US is experiencing the worst inflation in the last 40 years. We have a crazy man in Moscow killing innocent civilians and totally destroying cities. All this since Biden took office. God had nothing to do with it Tom.

From: History's blights | Tom Camfield

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