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For a minute there I thought we were going to get Tom's perspective on the mess in Ukraine, but alas more of the Trump hate.....

The biased press DID do everything in their power to undermine Trump the candidate and the President, just look at what the famed NYT and other biased media did regarding the Hunter Biden tapes, they called it fake news, or misinformation when the story first broke back in 2019. "Last year, NPR corrected an online article that falsely asserted do***ents from first son Hunter Biden’s laptop had been “discredited by U.S. intelligence.” The correction came after the (2020)election. It took the Times and others until this year to fess up."(

"Same for the Free Press, which continues its refusal to become a tool of autocrats addicted to power. " You have to be kidding, I just cited a case of what you like to call the "free press" working against Trump to help the Democrats win the 2020 election. There's a very good reason why the media has such a terrible approval rating by the public. Speculative opinion is not news Tom.

From: Focus: Russia | Tom Camfield

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