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"They(first-time voters ) deserve our telling them what was done and what was said back when they were in about fourth grade."..... Of course they do, and since you've got nothing good to say about the current administration to sway their vote you revert to demonizing the Trump administration.

Will you tell them about how Biden lied about the dirty dealing he and his Son Hunter had in Ukraine? How Hunter got Millions from Burisma, a Ukraine energy production company founded by a corrupt Ukraine oligarch, and how Vice(apt title)President Joe Biden withheld a Billion dollar loan to Ukraine unless they fired the prosecutor who was investigating Burisma. China is a whole other can of worms for the Bidens.

Will you tell the young voters how Trump was impeached by the Democrats twice and acquitted twice?

Will you tell how their standard of living is so much better now that Biden is at the helm?

Will you tell them how the world is a much safer place with old Joe at the helm?

What our young voters need is the truth, and they sure as hel aren't going to get that from you Tom.

From: Assorted Notes | Tom Camfield

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