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All consideration of killing deer for food must necessarily include testing of every single piece of flesh before it is served to any living thing. In the United States, we have a little something growing called a prion. It is slowly configuring itself to human beings, and one of the ways it does so, it's by human beings ingesting prion-infected deer. Would you like Port Townsend to be the world's next Wuhan? This prion would make our present little virus look like a cakewalk. Nothing known to humankind, defeats prions. No heat, bleach, freeze or medication destroys them. Keep this in mind as you discuss these plans. Dear north of us are already suffering from a wasting disease. We would do well at best to move the deer, or leave them alone. Did you learn nothing at all from Wujan? People lately are crying because the deer are aggressive. But we have a homeless man living in our midst who has nearly 300 counts against him of aggression and assault on our citizens. Maybe put some of that deer "culling" energy into keeping the rest of us safe from mentally ill antisocial people who have nowhere to live because you geniuses closed down all the mental care homes because they weren't profitable enough. Feeding them deer is not the answer to our problems.

From: Port Townsend council contenders discuss housing, deer, infrastructure at candidate forum

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