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"Occam's razor" may apply here. Those that may not be familiar with this theory can easily find many references online. I consistently see that more than 90% of healthcare professionals support masks with groups indoors and vaccinations for the virus. That means many thousands of these educated individuals generally agree that these are necessary steps to bring the virus to it's knees. And if there were collusion between drug companies and the mass of these individuals it would have surfaced long ago. It should be a simple decision to go with the medical flow and get vaccinated and continue to wear a mask indoors in groups. Frankly, I couldn't care less about our rights on this issue. There are so many actions that we accept for the common good of society (stop signs, stop lights, speed limits, building construction standards, etc.) that it's obviously more about politics than a true concern about rights. It may also be that many thousands of poorly educated, ignorant people find comfort knowing that there are thousands like them that find it overwhelming to understand complex issues.

From: Bar patrons, restaurant diners will need to show proof of COVID-19 vaccinations starting Saturday

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