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I believe this is the man I had a horrible experience with in Fort Worden, in the middle of May. He was terrifying. He insisted I was stalking him, started screaming at me that I was a pedophile pervert, and threatened to kill me. When he began to rush toward me, I thankfully had pepper spray at hand and he backed off and left. I shook for weeks afterward.

Since that incident I have talked to others who have had experiences with him, dating back at least two years. If this is the same man, he has been terrorizing this community for way too long. Why did it go on this long? Police are complaining these days that new legislation presents them from doing their jobs. They weren't doing their jobs to begin with. Situations like this are a perfect example.

The police will say it's not their issue, it's the issue of the city council to pass laws they can enforce. The city Council will say it's up to the citizens to let them know what laws the citizens want enforced. Everyone with any authority points the finger at someone else, but we citizens are the ones who have to deal with these violently deranged people suffering from grave mental illness.

I wonder; the man I saw, always had a black dog with him. If it's the same man, did law-enforcement find the dog? Is the dog safe? I'm thankful this man only did damage to some boats. He seems quite capable of so much more.

From: Transient faces felony charge for allegedly setting Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife boat adrift

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