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"The former chief said he intends to make a bid for a seat on the Port Townsend City Council in two years’ time."

The chaotic and damaging parking situation in Port Townsend, breaking municipal codes, was credited to the City Council by Surber and then Chief Evans in a long statement in comments by proxy as Mauro took over as City Manager. Coverage of parking problems went away. The problem didn't and affects current development, business access, and fair "recovery" from Covid. Mauro and City Council disrespect police and public. With smiley faces.

“That’s kind of what I really wanted my entire career to be all about; just helping people make better decisions,”

Hopefully he can help the City Council make better decisions. The new chief is already tainted with bad decisions. The public does not demand better.

“Chief Olson brings decades of experience that will be instrumental in taking the department to the next level of excellence, and I have every confidence he can shepherd the Port Townsend Police Department into the future with a steady hand and a keen eye to meet the needs and honor the values of our fair city.”

Chief Olson is also subject to not following his oath of office. He knew that coming in. Will we continue with 2 more years at least of lawlessness? That is what this is. To benefit the real estate industry and some individuals in City Government.

Absolutely all respect to those in blue who do a multi faceted job few really understand. I employ a retired police officer. The stress they endure and situations that require so much can't be minimized. Specifically I owe much gratitude to police here in dealing with a friend with mental illness. They were outstanding.

The 3 time Appointed Mayor and City Council disrespects police and public. Good luck in your future plans Troy.

From: Chief Surber retires from Port Townsend police

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