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Here we go again. Parking Mari, parking. 7 years of discrimination and Main Street not rocking the boat. Your denial of the constructed and manufactured problem contributes to it. Of course the 3 time appointed Mayor's Windermere donated a little. They benefit a lot.

I don't need a cheerleader, Mari. I need a professionally run Main Street and City government. That you have the 81 folk you say are contributing to their own problems by supporting your feel good programs while business access is negatively impacted is a bit scary. They turned the thinking and rational observation over to you. I know some who personally know better but just go along with the flow.

If one is inclined here is more info in comments to your last GGRRRREEEATTT!!!! glossy view of what makes a community. Bells and whistles. I guess its a living, Mari. You and others impact in a negative way mine, and others. Still no response from anyone on the "parklett" taking what was parking space at the water side of Adams. Why and when did you become the official "Open Streets Initiative" home base Mari. It closes streets and access. GGRRRRREEEAAATTTT!!!!

"Recovery" Mari and Mauro and Sandoval and others needs business access. Not less of it.,73678?#comments

From: Catching up with the Port Townsend Main Street Program | Word on the Street

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