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A coincidence SOS !!!! I am transferring email accounts today to a new host and opened one from the folder. This was it. Note the date, and problem is still exactly the same and has been for 5 years since this email. Some still play wounded victim that are not, you went there with your story. The wounded victims referred to in this email were Leader owners then who used public parking all day.

Why didn't you move your relative to better conditions that suited her? When her place sold the value was with all day parking included sponsored by the city if after 2014. Who brokers sales? Who makes money with increased value not reflecting actual cost to provide parking?

Subject: [Fwd: RE: Parking Problems in Historic District]


Date: Tue, September 13, 2016 11:27 am



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Subject: RE: Parking Problems in Historic District


Date: Tue, September 13, 2016 11:16 am

To: "David Timmons"

Mr Timmons- City Council

This is not personal. I have always seen failed management as simply a bad

part that needs to be repaired or replaced. Management rarely self repairs

or self replaces, it requires admission of fault. If you accept the job

that has the responsibility you must take on the responsibility.

After re reading your reply I need to make a few points. You have managed

the current situation into existence that you admit "is lacking and

always has been fairly ineffective and random." There were for years

volunteers doing parking enforcement which I observed as not nearly as

random. I knew, everyone knew, not to park on the street illegally or odds

were you would get a ticket. There may have been a problem or two. That's

life. That effective system changed under your management. You have sent a

clear message to those most likely to put self before common good that

there is no price to pay for, yes, Hogging Parking. My writing the leader

and the wounded victim response illustrates reality. Wounded victims

abound and should not dictate policy. I forwarded to the City Council to

put faces on the problem and define attitudes. That also was not personal

but was specific. Allegedly responsible polite faces which are role models

for the rest of the less polite had the underlying attitude revealed. At

some point there develops a looting mentality where "everyone else does

it". With careless and even sociopathic people among us all, government's

job is to control the least responsible for the benefit of the majority.

You have failed in epic easily seen and demonstrated ways with parking

management and enforcement. I see these people and related problems every

day as you do not. The problem grows under your management. Self assessing

your work provides little real responsibility. Your total lack of

meaningful action this summer speaks volumes. Every problem I have had is

your responsibility, the individual players are cultivated by your

inaction. Self serving individuals are not in short supply. Parking and

access to business seems to me, without doing a study, to be a most

important component of city management, Main Street, and the Chamber. Why

did I just hear in my head that 70's tune "Don't Rock The Boat"?

You say "We have a unique situation here and the conventional parking

enforcement is not going to work and meet all the expectations people

have." I do not believe the situation is that unique. I believe the system

I referred to above worked fairly well. Of course many will complain when

ticketed. Trained enforcement minimizes loose cannon problems. I could

point out countless municipalities where 2 hour parking is enforced and

respected, as thoughtful people understand the larger picture of fair use

and access. Park and ride signage in conjunction seems reasonable. You

have managed something quite different into existence. I say what

countless others know, but will not say in public or to you.

Main Streets questionnaire was poorly written and distributed. I

understand it is the method of choice. I understand it creates jobs

without directly criticizing others in the City Management Social Network.

The technology (expensive) you refer to exists today in the form of chalk

on a stick, a person, and a ticket book. Seems the person would be paid

for with the ticket book. Seems to work elsewhere and did here once.

Studies create jobs, time wasted creates problems.

I will be contacting the city regarding some simple things which I believe

will eliminate my specific problems with blockages to my access. I thank

again the Port Townsend Police which I try not to bother and the people

who have helped me to the extent they can in city government and services.

Extrapolate is a great word. "Parking Hogs" cannot extrapolate what would

happen if everyone acted like them. Some government employees cannot

extrapolate what would happen if every Government employee did half assed

jobs they believe themselves to be doing adequately by self assessing. We

all hope for better from public servants.

Please make meaningful changes now. Many months of parking problems for me

lie in the future and in your control. Please do stop by and explain in

person why you have let things deteriorate to where they are, off the


Harvey Windle

Forest Gems Gallery

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