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Your last comment says "Harvey wrote" and has nothing I wrote but has your perspective. Confusing. Your first comment spoke of old folks and people working from home as residents. I am fully aware of other folks not fitting those descriptions living fine lives downtown. You attempt to paint a flawed and slanted picture.

First we have to speak of straw dogs. A position or argument meant to appear to answer but shift focus from the main point. Your story has nothing to do with how we were manipulated into the current parking anarchy situation. I know I advised year after year of problems that grow. One problem is the limited intellect of key self serving "leadership" expecting no rules at all will just work out fine, as some make money off development without parking consideration.

You go into much detail of a result of the City abandoning all its citizens and visitors to live in anarchy. Nice personal story if true. You choose to be anonymous. Who knows what the truth is? You are definitely running interference for the corrupted No Term Limit Council/City Manager/Appointed Mayor status quo. They are the responsible parties that manipulated all into a confused haphazard daily reality. I live in it. I pay over a quarter million in expenses each year to do so. I have a stake in the game. So many are well paid no matter the results.

As to years past there was a volunteer parking enforcement program. It worked. A letter to the Leader in comments last year by a Police parking volunteer laid all blame on City Council. It would seem he was the proxy voice for both Evans and Stuber. The person you note and all others were living under that volunteer system until about 2014, then came the purposeful deconstruction and defunding of the volunteer program. Then residents and workers made access to my business nearly impossible. Obviously other business was also negatively impacted.

The system did not change and evolve over time with continuity to suit all users, residents and business, and all visitors (from near and far. Expensive studies were ignored. An email from the City Manager years ago to me acknowledged problems and promised a fix. He used Main Street to poll the public regarding parking.

Another straw dog. A Main Street poll does not ask hard questions. A Main Street poll is designed for specific results. Then as now. Dead wood. Perky dead wood abounds in PT.

You asking me how to fix it and what I would do has been covered in countless emails to City Council and Appointed Mayor, and much writing in this paper. You basically ask me how to fix a purposeful wreck that is years in the making and continues. Your lack of understanding of cumulative effect and cause and effect illustrates the problem now with any fix. Those that broke it very purposefully to this day avoid any mention of the problems. Stealing a car and wrecking it does not make you the repair shop. It makes you a thief. There is no repair in sight. Only the sound of crickets.

The No Term Limit City Council, Appointed Mayors Stinson and Sandoval, and 20 year city manager Timmons now at Fort Worden manipulating things there are responsible. Mauro is a willing addition. Don't rock the boat. He knew what he signed up for. His qualification issues make him a perfect compromised tool. There is no explanation of his qualification problems or word of his shelved review. ...---...

Your touching story of your relative is a result of years of manipulation. Your relative was apparently willfully breaking posted law. Its ok. Everyone does it. Stinson Sandoval Timmons manipulated that reality. Fixing it? There is officially no problem as City Manager Mauro's "engage PT" stunt side steps parking totally. Again, what is his understanding with Sandoval?

So, what I would do to fix things is next election go hard and heavy to get all members of the No Term Limit Council replaced that rubber stamped this manufactured problem. I am trying to point out that currently the City Manager is not fulfilling his job and will appoint a Police Chief who will be expected to fall in the corrupted line.

It is so deep that a person like you who seems to be able to write and speak claims not to see a terminal root cause. Extrapolate for me the future. There is no plan allowed. Government is a 4 year old testing limits. Parking is not the only limit pushed and ignored. You seem to have no sense of anarchy and put up a straw man story to avoid where all roads lead. No Term Limit City Council and Appointed Mayor with City Manager and City Attorney playing along.

One fix is changing the municipal code to reflect reality. Signs might read. NO RULES PARKING...YOU FIRST

Corrupted, arrogant, damaging "leaders" are part of a perfect storm of complicity. Main Street. Chamber. Police Chief. City Manager. Full Council. 3 time Real Estate focused appointed Mayor and 20 year Council Member Sandoval. These comments have been moved from main page online to a less seen position. The Leader is infamous for keeping lids on except for a brief moment under Dean Miller and Lloyd Mullen. That didn't last and left many unanswered questions. The new "Leader Lite" won't cause and ripples.

Manipulations don't end at parking or begin there. The City controlled FWPDA and non compliant "partners" were a manipulation. The closing of Adams up hill a manipulation. Cloaking the 1.2 million dollar visitor center park around a sculpture with no public input was a manipulation.

It is a formula. You ...---... are taken in. All I can do to 'fix" things is point things out repeatedly. No straw men.

Parking here is similar to the CHOP ZONE in Seattle. Folks park for years contrary to posted signage reflecting a municipal code. In your eyes they are now officially and should be officially allowed to do so. A limited resource was mis managed. New additions have no parking worries, whenever and wherever you want. Anarchy. Damage. Development without parking consideration eating at the core, pitting in your take on things residents need against business. The players are known to those that don't look to straw men. I have been her playing by the rules for 25 years. The rules are the same officially. City Government is a law breaker.

I just set a match to your straw man. Can you or anyone see off point arguments for what they are? Here are a couple of Orwell quotes, we are far past 1984

In a time of deceit telling the truth is a revolutionary act.

The most effective way to destroy people is to deny and obliterate their own understanding of their history.

A people that elect corrupt politicians, imposters, thieves and traitors are not victims, but accomplices.

Start using your real name. You come from a position of shame. You may well be the City Manager. "Modern" politics use all avenues.

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