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Anonymous friend-

The situation you describe favoring residents evolved into being due to parking enforcement deconstruction by key players on City Council. Starting 6 years ago I started writing very polite emails to City Council describing many negative things their tolerance policy, which ignored municipal codes was allowing. I now mirror the disrespect with fact in communications. Are these folks this ignorant or this arrogant?

Business access impacted

Cheerleader groups Main Street and Chamber, police and others drawn into a very faulty foundation of community, soul, and neighborhood. Now what we get is spin with no soul. Real soul has a real foundation.

Discrimination against unknowing folk observing posted limits

Neighbors not being neighborly and downright nasty

Residents (young and old) parking all day in front of all businesses

No plans for future growth or even current situations.

Growing occupancy of upper floors with no parking consideration.

Now we will hear of "recovery'. How will we recover with historic parking problems when visitors from near and far return. Idiots are managing my future and everyone's.

And more. Who benefits? Has benefited?

Who won't fix it?

There was no answer or response for six years. Six years later we have a new illegal and damaging "normal" your are concerned about. You were manipulated ...---... (how do you put a period after that and not mess up your name?)

Some rather aggressive folk have come after me for speaking up. So be it. That is more of the predictable down side managed into existence by our neighbors serving on Council. Some for 20 years. One industry benefits. Real Estate. The rude and self serving get free passes. I have documented it for years on end. No response. Denial by full City Council> What is up with that?

For years I have reminded the Appointed Mayor, City Manager, City Attorney, Main Street, Chamber, Police and others including the public of growing negative impacts. Forgive me, but your perspective is one. No plan for growing and changing numbers of residents. Who profited with selling in the Historic District? You don't see that the situation is the City's purposeful creation. Six years in are residents (not all old) victims as you portray? Who is managing the City? What City just ignores all aspects of parking, especially one with limited space such as PT? How is it Main Street plays along when business and customers should be the focus? Main Street and Chamber do not represent me. Or many others.

I will end this with this observation I have made time and time again. The newish City Manager knew of the parking situation when he accepted a job to fully fund all departments. Parking is ignored as it has been for years. What understanding did he have with Appointed Mayors Sandoval and Stinson going in?

He is not fulfilling his job. He now is appointing a Police Chief who will be expected to ignore his oath and not enforce all laws and codes. This is seen by those who created this mess as acceptable.

Those that created this mess that were regularly advised of negative impacts to "soul" and community cannot admit any error. They cannot and will not fix their created problem. 5 years ago I sent an email saying "he who does not mow lawn has forest to trim very soon".

Now a nice person like you believes residents should have priority due to a manipulated reality that allowed them to park for years in spots reserved for all. ALL. EVERYONE. YOU. ME. ANYONE WHO READS THIS.

That so many don't get it is frightening. Other manifestations of a City gone astray abound. Did you hear that?

The sound of crickets.

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