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I love that you, Mari can always throw the positive spin on everything PT! And be well paid to do so. I love that for year after year you acquiesce in the discrimination against all visitors from near and far who believe posted 2 hour parking and go to great lengths to respect others. I wish you could meet them all, and those taking spaces all day regularly. I do.

I wish you could explain who benefits from parking enforcement deconstruction. And many other damaging "PT" traditions.

I love that you as Main Street worked with the questionable City Manager Mauro to close business access using the "open streets initiative" that is not a voted on initiative at all, and closes streets. Like Adams recently was up the hill. "Very Modern"

Happy 30 years. This is my 25th year here. Honestly. Here is to 30 more years for you, cheerleading for the cheating and corrupted team. Of course the Chamber is equally cheery. And well paid. Here is a new buzz phrase. "Think shallow, think PT power core!!!". GRRRRREAT!!!

Apologies to those from near and far being treated as fools. :)

From: What do you love about Port Townsend? | Word on the Street

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