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Marge, SOME police were present when George Floyd was killed, when you say "police" were present isn't that stereotyping ALL police? I suggest you look at some of the videos of the looters, stop the frame where it shows people running out of stores with stolen goods, most of them are black, would I be correct if I said Blacks are responsible for the looting?

Who said the troops were being brought in to shoot peaceful protestors i.e. law-abiding demonstrators?

People have a right to protect their property, if someone breaks into my house to rob me I have the right to shoot them, same with a business. Remember the Watts riots and how the looters avoided the Korean shops because the shop-owners were armed and willing to shoot anyone who tried to loot them.

The President has the power to call-up the military, and martial law has been ordered multiple times in this country. I totally agree with President Trump's actions. Not surprising the avowed Trump-Haters will criticize him no matter how he responds to this mess.

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