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There are a lot of things that this impeachment is not, or what it should be about, but the fact is that this is a totally partisan process. We are a house devided, you will not find impartiality anywhere in this entire process, and by your criteria every Democrat and every Republican should be disqualified, McConnell just made the mistake of being honest. We don't have Statesmen anymore, we have political party hacks, a pox on both houses.

What IS on trial here is the future of the Presidency and it's co-equal powers under the Constitution, and whether a disgruntled adversary party in the House has un-limited powers under the rules of impeachment. I don't believe they do, or should. On the matters of Constitutional law and Impeachment I'll rely on Alan Dershowitz.

I agree with Alan Dershowitz on this impeachment of President Trump. Mr. Dershowitz said; "I join James Madison who was very concerned that using open-ended phrases could create a way in which Congress should have too much power over the president," he said. "I join Alexander Hamilton who said the greatest danger is when impeachment turns on the number of votes each party can get. So I'm there to try to defend the integrity of the Constitution. That benefits President Trump in this case.".....

" It would set a terrible precedent for this president to be impeached for these alleged articles of impeachment."

President Trump committed no offense that would warrant his removal from office, in spite of the Democrat majority in the houses Impeachment.

From: On fairness and impartiality

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