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I don't play golf, but love the golf course in the middle of our town. I believe it fits our character well. It's affordable, beautiful, and historical. The wetland, including pond, is lovely and where we used to catch frogs as children. The current proposed plans seems to be a solution looking for a problem. The city council appears to have latched onto an outcome they desire and are looking for ways to justify it and the extraordinary cost of it all. I believe that if they started with each problem they propose to solve with the elimination of the golf course, there likely is a better solution to each elsewhere. Do we need a new park? What is the data that suggests that? If we do need one, is this the best place for it? Who would it serve? Do we need more affordable housing in PT? Absolutely! Is the golf course the best and most affordable place for it? Likely not. Etc. Please save our golf course.

From: ‘Central Park’ idea is fatally flawed

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