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It's not about geraniums.

It's about all, and I mean all, the seedling trees that Nature intends to be the successional next generation replacement trees as the older ones get blown or otherwise taken down. All of these, firs, cedars, alders...are all browsed to the ground by the overwhelming numbers of urban deer. This is Nature way out of balance.

In my wooded PT neighborhood, new deer paths have appeared even in the past few weeks--too much hoof traffic. One bank is starting to erode into the street; the next big rain will accelerate the process. Repairs will be costly--the City isn't likely to pay for that.

It's heartbreaking to witness fawns get struck by vehicles and painfully die right on the spot. And this is happening far too often on 25-mph streets in town. Then the City gets called to remove carcasses--your tax dollars at work.

At first (some years ago) I enjoyed that deer chose my yard to rest in. Now, there are parades of 3, 4, even 7-deer caravans coming by multiple times each day.

In the absence of predators, ANY species may multiply beyond the carrying capacity of the land, beyond what can sustainably feed the species. When food is exhausted--like this past September and October, the animals greatly suffer. The maggot-eaten carcass that showed up out back of here last year is not anyone's idea of Bambi's charm.

From: Something must be done about deer herd | Letter to the editor

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