Inflation for pet expenses grew at twice the rate of other consumer products last year

Pet owners are feeling inflationary pressures more than non-pet owners. eTailPet examined the causes and how pet owners are dealing with rising costs.  

5 Ways to Get Your Pet Ready for Fall

(Family Features) Pets provide unconditional love to their companions; in return, it's important to make sure they live happy and healthy lives by providing the best care possible.

4 Ways to Keep Your Cat's Cool in Check

(Family Features) Cat lovers know that cats are cool - sometimes too cool. They can be hard to impress, and snuggles might have to be on their terms.

6 Tips for Traveling with Your Furry Friend

(Family Features) Because traveling with your furry friend requires additional planning to ensure it's a safe, comfortable experience for everyone, consider these tips. 
The major US cities with the most animal lovers
Lucky Business // Shutterstock An animal companion is a warm body on the couch at the end of the day that's never too upset you …
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How your dog's nutritional needs change as they age
Canva Any puppy parent knows the struggle of preparing for a furry new addition. Most of the choices to make are pretty …
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6 tips to enjoy stress-free summer travel with pets
(BPT) - Mars, Incorporated and its family of brands for people and pets is in the business of helping create long-term happiness for …
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5 Tips for Keeping Pets Pest-Free
(Family Features) Naturally curious, many pets sniff and explore other animals and objects, unaware they may expose themselves to …
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The Paw-tential Benefits of Canine Colleagues at Work
  (Family Features) According to a study by CESAR® Canine Cuisine on pets in the workplace, dog-friendly policies can have …
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K9s For Warriors Gives Veterans & Shelter Dogs a New Leash on Life

(NewsUSA) - For U.S. Army veteran David Crenshaw, K9s For Warriors means two lives saved — his own and his service dog Doc, a German shorthaired pointer rescued from the kill-list at a local …

Every new dog breed recognized in the 21st century

Stacker listed every dog breed officially recognized by the American Kennel Club since the start of the 21st century.