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Richest current Republican politicians in Congress

Stacker ranked current Republican politicians in Congress by their total estimated net worth using a database compiled by Insider from congressional disclosure reports.  

Richest current Democratic politicians in Congress

Using a database compiled by Insider from congressional disclosure reports, Stacker ranked current Democratic politicians in Congress by their total estimated net worth.  

What free college looks like in the US

Study.com collected information on every state that offers some form of free college tuition from state government sources, news reports, and the Campaign for Free College Tuition.

Americans are Turning to Side Hustles to Combat Inflation

(Family Features) As inflation increases, many Americans are looking for ways to make some extra cash. The rise of the gig economy and a variety of side hustle options may be a solution for some.

Countries that award the most STEM degrees

College Ave used data from the National Center for Education Statistics to rank the countries that award the most STEM bachelor's degrees.

How to Make the Most of Your Money During Inflation

(NewsUSA) - Financial inflation, whether you have experienced it before or this is your  first time, can seem frightening, and the rapid rise in prices of gas, groceries and consumer goods in …

4 Tax-Smart Strategies for Your Charitable Giving

(NewsUSA) - Are you one of the 68 percent?  Or maybe even the 17 percent? The former are those Americans who, despite the current economic uncertainty, intend to donate a similar amount of …

How to Find a Financial Planner

(NewsUSA) - Experts agree that financial planning has many benefits. It can help you protect your family, worry less about finances and reach your goals at any stage of life. These benefits can …

10 tips for managing payroll for small business owners

Buddy Punch compiled a list of ways for small business owners to set up and maintain a bulletproof payroll system from a collection of expert sources.  
5 myths about Veteran Affairs loans
(BPT) - More veterans are taking advantage of an important benefit for service members: A Veterans Affairs (VA) loan. According to …
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States that collect the most in property taxes
Canva Real estate platform ZeroDown examined data from the Census Bureau's annual State Government Tax Collections Survey to see …
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Richest people in the world
Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for The Met Museum/Vogue Elon Musk, the co-founder of car and sustainable energy company Tesla; …
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States scammed out of the most money
Canva Maybe it was the idea of getting rich in a brand-new investment scheme that got you; maybe it was hearing that your grandson …
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Two-thirds of consumers won't buy from a company with misaligned values—and other customer behavior trends
VGstockstudio // Shutterstock The COVID-19 pandemic changed our shopping habits, shifting the ways consumers interact and engage …
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The best liberal places to live in America
Michael Julian Photograph // Shutterstock A vibrant city setting, where the streets are highly walkable, homes are on the smaller …
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4 milestones in workers' compensation law in US history
China Photos // Getty Images The concept of workers' comp dates back to ancient Sumer (modern-day Iraq). Back then, the law of the …
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10 organizations that suffered massive data breaches in 2022
BEST-BACKGROUNDS // Shutterstock A data breach is when someone breaks into an organization and steals sensitive data. Attackers are …
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Signs global bond markets could be bottoming out after central bank rate hikes
solarseven // Shutterstock Fixed-income investors are experiencing what could be the most challenging year for bond markets in 45 …
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How to make your next manager 1:1 meeting productive
Canva When well-planned and executed, meetings between managers and direct reports can be meaningful and transformative …
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10 successful marketing collabs—and how they changed the industry

ClickUp compiled some of the most iconic marketing and branding collaborations from various sources.