Political cartoons from the last 111 years

Stacker went through the Library of Congress, newspapers, magazine archives, and art and photo libraries to find the most compelling political cartoons of the last 111 years.  
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The World Cup is the most-watched sporting event internationally—here's how it stacks up to other US events

OLBG collected data on the U.S. television ratings of recent major sports championships to see how the Men's World Cup ranks in popularity against some of the most-anticipated sporting events.

People don’t mate randomly – but the flawed assumption that they do is an essential part of many studies linking genes to diseases and traits

The idea that correlation does not imply causation is a fundamental caveat in epidemiological research. A classic example involves a hypothetical link between ice cream sales and drownings – instead of increased ice cream consumption causing more people to drown, it’s plausible that a third variable, summer weather, is driving up an appetite for ice cream and swimming, and hence opportunities to drown.
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Coldest city in every state

Stacker analyzed data from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration to determine the coldest cities in every state.

What winter was like the year you were born

Stacker put together a list featuring information and statistics for each year of the past century using data from NOAA's Climate at a Glance Series and Snowfall Extremes database.

Holiday gift crazes and fads of the past century

Stacker compiled a list of toy crazes from the past 100 years.  

The cultural and historical significance of fashion on HBCU campuses

Stacker looked into the cultural and historical significance of fashion on HBCU campuses.

10 casino movie myths debunked

OddsSeeker looked into the history of casinos on film and identified 10 movie myths created about gambling or going to the casino.

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