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Preserve farm fresh abundance this Fall

Preserving food grown at home, in season, has long been a practice of food security and community

On the Olympic Peninsula, the fruitfulness of September is also a harbinger of winter. Fortunately, Washington State University Extension offers professional food preservation guidance to help you …
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Step Up with This Adaptive Shoe
As kids head back to school in new shoes, a unique footwear design developed here in Washington continues to gain popularity. BILLY Footwear offers a unique, innovative zipper closure that is both …
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Hit us with your best shot of the PNW!
Every year local photography enthusiasts submits their best photos to First Fed’s Proudly PNW photo contest. This year’s contest is now open for submissions! Any photos that showcase the life and the natural beauty of the Pacific Northwest are welcome.
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Meet Cindy Hill-Finnie, New Board Chair of First Fed
It’s been nearly 30 years since Cindy Hill-Finnie first fell in love with Port Townsend - the Victorian architecture, idyllic neighborhoods, and seaside vistas. Today, she is woven …
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Free ERC Tax Refund Eligibility Check for Businesses
Was your business impacted negatively by the pandemic? Your business may be eligible for the Employee Retention Credit (ERC) tax refund.  PPP and ERC Together The 2020 COVID relief bill …
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