‘With liberty and justice for all’?

Posted by Tom Camfield

I see pictured above a ploy for winning the support of military veterans who have served under this flag, along with their families and friends. Donald actually displayed his true colors—more yellow than red, white and blue—as a draft dodger during the Vietnam War. He has been presuming to act like a general, however, ever since taking office. His colossal ego also seems to have a paranoid fear of being upstaged by actual military experts, experienced diplomats, top intelligence officials, personal staff, whom he doesn’t hesitate to fire when they fail to praise his impetuous gut instincts. He insinuates at every opportunity that these instincts and his self-proclaimed superior intellect make him an historic legend in his own time.

I was serving in uniform under the nation’s flag when Donald was four years old. Here I am 90, and he’s still acting like a 4-year-old.

If the flag really belongs to us all and represents the principles with which it was imbued when adopted, it would stand for much more than the white nationalism championed by Donald. He’s also clutching it in the photo as if it were a mistress destined to become his fourth wife.

It seems to be true that Donald’s never been a drinker, but I sometime wonder what he might sprinkle on his cornflakes in the morning between tweets.

The pledge of allegiance to this flag concludes: “. . . with liberty and justice for all.” Which would seem to justify, along with First Amendment free speech, the Black athletes who have declined to stand in reverence to the national anthem and giant flags at football games—in protest of racial injustice and police brutality. Donald condemns them.

I’m surprised Donald hasn’t designed a battle flag for our troops still deployed in war zones. Something fringed in gold, possibly bearing a likeness of himself.

Coincidentally, it was reported March 8 that Trump will ask for a Pentagon budget of $718 billion for 2020 (a 4.7% increase over this year), part of an overall $750 billion request for defense. Officials told CNN that approximately $544 billion is being requested for the "base" defense budget with an additional $9 billion going to an "emergency" fund. The remaining $165 billion would go to "Overseas Contingency Operations," an account that pays for military operations overseas in places such as Afghanistan, Syria and Iraq. That's a dramatic increase from the 2019 budget, which sought $69 billion for that operational account. Yet we’re supposedy drawing down combat troops.

It also doesn’t take a genius to deduce that that “emergency fund” is just a back-door effort to legitimize Donald’s recent declaration of a “national emergency” with regard to immigration at our southern border—and get funding, so far denied by Congress, for the folly that is his envisioned grandiose wall.

Even with other deep spending cuts (in social programs), the president’s plan would not balance the annual budget until the mid-2030s. Instead, Trump’s advisers allege that the budget would balance after 15 years because they presume that economic growth will continue at high levels and bring in more revenue, a prediction that many economists have said is not possible. And by 2035 Donald will be beyond caring. He would turn 89 that year. He should be in complete dementia before then—if his body survives his obesity.

Actually, the prediction sounds just like the convenient “pie in the sky” promised by Donald in promoting last year’s major budget slash for industry and the wealthy, which has led the way to the federal debt’s topping out over $22,000,000,000,000 just recently.

And the White House plans to expand its effort to cut anti-poverty programs. It will propose strict new work requirements for “able-bodied” Americans across a range of welfare programs, including health care, housing and nutrition assistance. While perhaps chopping a few zeroes off a figure such as the one above, that would create a disproportionately large amount of misery—largely among the type of voters the GOP is ever attempting to disenfranchise.

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Tom Camfield

I neglected to mention before posting this blog that at CPAC where the accompanying photo was taken, Donald rambled through a self-praising speech that lasted longer than two hours, the longest speech he has given as president.

Monday, March 11, 2019
Justin Hale

Oh my God, the President hugs the flag,,,the Horror. Not surprising that Tom uses every opportunity to spew his Partisan hate speech while praising those who refuse to honor our flag.

The POTUS can ask for whatever he wants in the budget, doesn't mean that the Congress will give it to him. That's the process, the POTUS proposes and the Congress disposes. If Congress goes along with the proposed budget seems to me your argument should be with Congress, but that wouldn't fit your Dump on Trump agenda would it Tom.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Tom Camfield

I hope you're not trying to convince us that there's something "honorable" about Donald Trump, Justin. The weaselly way he's been appropriating our flag as something symbolic of his personnel inhumane agenda is truly nauseating.

I served in uniform under that flag in time of war, and I continue to recognize it as a symbol of our democracy—but not at full strength when it is used as a propaganda tool by Donald Trump. It casts an ugly shadow when Donald's around. And from that shadow are those who protest the absence of justice for which it supposedly stands. They are trying to resurrect the honor of the flag that Donald Trump is taking away.

I don't want to see Donald hugging the flag any more than I'd want to see him pawing one of my daughters. I also don't rest easy when he wastes billions on his militaristic plutocracy and continues to short-change such things as medical care and nutrition for the needy and suffering.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Justin Hale

"I hope you're not trying to convince us that there's something "honorable" about Donald Trump"..... I have no illusions of changing your opinions Tom.

Call me naive but unlike you, I honor all of our Presidents even those I didn't agree with.

The symbolic value and the honor we give towards our flag is not diminished when it is abused, not when some decide to sit rather than stand to honor it, not when some use it as a piece of clothing, not when it is burned, and certainly not when our president embraces it.

So those who disrespect our flag because of some sense of perceived "injustice" are actually restoring the honor of our flag?

I think you and I would agree that our Federal budget should be less military and more social services, guess that makes me a socialist, who cares.

Tuesday, March 12, 2019
Tom Camfield

Yeah, socialism. It beats the hell out of fascism. Somewhere here in my chaotic computer files is an article I wrote about socialism. It was set aside needing work, but maybe I can resurrect it for the run-up to the 2020 election, when I suspect many conservatives will be pounding on the word as if it were totally evil rather than basically an antonym for greed.

Wednesday, March 13, 2019