What mayhem hath the virus wrought?


One answer to the question is amply displayed in the updated picture of this columnist. Look at that hair. Is that a permanent change much admired by friends close and not? Did you ever think Sonja Hathaway’s emporium of fine hair care, the Bayside Barber Shop, would become a candidate for an “essential” community beautification project? Contact the garden club! When we all start getting haircuts, the potential for recycling head grass for pillows will be enormous.

On the subject of recycling, there are a couple of 1,000-piece puzzles making the rounds, at least from our house to Fran Gross and back. My friend Steve Gross recently posed a puzzling question. When you are finished with a complex puzzle, say with 1,000 pieces, wouldn’t it be just as challenging to do the same one again instead of getting another puzzle from a friend/acquaintance/Amazon? One could just recycle at home rather than recycle to others. In addition, one never knows what kind of virus a recycled puzzle might carry.

I feel the need to tell a local story but I have changed most of the names to protect the guilty. “Sally” told “Mary” recently that longtime neighbor and good guy Jimmy Goode had died. “Mary” told BJ, (the real one), that Jimmy had passed on and a short time later BJ mentioned to “Barbara” this sad event. A day or so later “Mary” was on a walk and excitedly called BJ and said she saw Jimmy just drive by. BJ then called “Barbara” and “Mary” called “Sally” to retract the story. You might think the story is over, but whilst BJ and I were out for a walk that day, you guessed it, Jimmy Goode drove by and I felt compelled to include him in this story. He got the biggest laugh!

It seems like the agenda for everything we read or watch on TV has to do with the past, unless you count the information about the virus, and even then it gets compared to the flu epidemic of 1918. The current issue of the Port Ludlow Voice has a big article about the yacht club with pictures of past events that are NOT last month. The monthly Bluebill flyer includes past articles and some history of this great organization. ESPN shows past football, basketball and baseball (now there’s an opportunity for a nap), contests. Apparently the highest rated ESPN documentary ever is the 10 part series on the 1997/1998 Chicago Bulls! (It is really interesting.)

BJ started on a project to sort through and discard many pictures we have collected over the years. I got caught up in the effort and so welcomed the reminder of my own handsomeness in the last century! So, welcome to the history of our lives. The future is on hold. However, I am thinking my future might hold a flight to Georgia to get a haircut.

So, do you think the picture looks like Albert Einstein? Neither do I. However, I offer some advice from dear Al: “Try not to be a person of success, but rather try to become a person of value.”

Love a curmudgeon while staying at home, and have a great week!

(Ned Luce is a retired IBM executive who is losing his mind in Port Ludlow.)


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