Ugliness reigns

Tom Camfield
Posted 5/10/19

CRUELTY RULES THE ROOST—As columnist Charles M. Blow (New York Times) stated recently: “Trump elevated the coarsest constituencies of the party—the racists, the Nazis, the white …

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Ugliness reigns


CRUELTY RULES THE ROOST—As columnist Charles M. Blow (New York Times) stated recently: “Trump elevated the coarsest constituencies of the party—the racists, the Nazis, the white supremacists and white nationalists, the xenophobes—while also charming and enchanting many of the shrinking number of moderates who once simply tolerated the radicals so that they could benefit from their contributions and votes.”

In fairness, there are a few honorable Republicans remaining in the crucial GOP-controlled U.S. Senate that in its majority is kowtowing out of self-interest. Notably following their own consciences are Senators Lisa Murkowski of Alaska and Susan Collins of Maine. Gone, however, is the powerful principled character of the late Senator John McCain of Arizona, and Donald continues to denigrate him post mortem. He seems to feel compelled to smear the images of anyone possibly standing taller than he in the eyes of the public, be they dead or alive. For the faceless multitude that he can’t handle individually, he merely refers to himself as the “greatest ever” every chance he gets.

Blow also noted of Trump: “He has secured enough support that it has insulated him from serious consequences for his corruption, lawlessness, ignorance and grift. Among Republicans, there are no watchdogs for this president, only lap dogs.” (Personally, I’m hoping that last statement will prove to be untrue when and if the Democratic House and Democratic candidates get off the stick, raise their voices—and push comes to shove push comes to shove.) But in this same insulation vein, Donald has managed to push through Supreme Court appointments to give that body a definite 5-4 conservative advantage, which might give him a last-stand defense if matters such as the current constitutional crisis advance that far.

Of the three branches of our Democratic government, he holds the executive, has philosophical superiority now in the judicial (where the continuing presence of a Clarence Thomas is an absolute farce)—and is refusing to recognize the oversight power of the legislature that was written into the U.S. Constitution.

RISING TIDE OF HATE—Meanwhile, deadly attacks on mosques and synagogues are on the increase, along with other hate crimes. Especially, it seems after Donald spoke favorably (and has since done so again) of the torch-bearing nazis shouting “Jews will not replace us!” at the Charlottesville riot in August of 2017. That’s all empowerment on Donald’s part. School shootings also continue.

As Donald can’t blame it all on Mexican immigrants, Donald cuts anti-terrorism funding and increases supposedly sympathetic lip service. And he continues to pander to the National Rifle Association. Families of shooting victims are casually dismissed with the old “Our thoughts and prayers are with you” bit.

DROUGHT DRIVES IMMIGRANT CARAVANS—Justin Hale off-handedly challenged my assertion in a letter to the editor in the May 8 edition of this paper that drought is driving immigrant caravans from Central America to our southern border. That information is easily found on numerous sites by Googling the matter. Here’s just one site—Daily KOS. Headline “Climate Change driven drought driving Central American farmers off their land & into Caravans.” The story leads off speaking of “worsening coffee production and financial despair . . . “ See:

Throw in such things as ongoing pollution and Global Warming and we definitely are beginning to pick up speed here in our hand basket to hell.

BLOGGING IS BACK—If this blog appears OK it will mean that recently-arrived editor Dean Miller has resolved a technical imbroglio that’s had me sidelined for a couple of weeks. Thanks, Leader staff, for fighting to keep this particular channel for expression of public opinion in good health.


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Justin Hale

I read that KOS article and other information about the drought conditions in C.A.

I do take exception to this though " he and other farmers in Tepanguare, in the western La Paz department, are preparing to play the only card they have left: migration to the US. " .....Really?, the Only card they have to play is to come to the U.S.

Why not go to other areas of Central or South America where the conditions are more suitable for farming? You and I both know the reason, follow the money. Just what this country needs, more low skilled, low educated people to go on the dole.

Saturday, May 11, 2019
Justin Hale

Sunday, May 12, 2019
Tom Camfield

I'll have a little more comment on this as an addenda to my next blog, probably about Wednesday. The entire "northern triangle" of Central America is pretty much in the same boat where drought is concerned. In theses climate change times, let's at least give these people credit for being smart enough to migrate north rather than south toward the equator.

The way things are going, I imagine eventually polar ice will disappear but life will remain sustainable to some extent nearer the poles . I wonder how many people will be able to crowd together, food resources permitting, on the shores of Hudson's Bay some day.

Sunday, May 12, 2019
Tom Camfield

Incidentally, I just read an opinion piece in the Charleston, West Virginia "Gazette-Mail," a Pulitzer-Prize=winning newspaper with the the slogan "Local journalism matters." The author made a case for how West Virginia, which is being "hollowed out" by declining population, could benefit from some of these immigrants that everyone's concerned so much about. Writer Mark Sadd has the demographic data. Nice to see someone with a bit of a win-win solution to a problem.

Sunday, May 12, 2019