Saving the Hastings Building


It is our hope that, for the prosperity of us all in our unique and special town, Port Townsend citizens are united in the belief that historic buildings preservation and free and healthy competition among local merchants must prevail over using the courts to block new potential competitors. As newcomers three years ago, we wanted to live here for many reasons, not least of which were historic preservation, healthy and varied local merchants and what seemed to be a very friendly and collaborative spirit to keep Port Townsend vibrant and real. We are dismayed to learn of the ongoing and bitter legal feud being waged by one local merchant against another long-time local family to prevent saving and developing the landmark Hastings Building into a historic hotel and a passenger vessel docking facility that will make it easier for Seattleites to visit our town without a two hour drive. The motivation appears to be avoiding possible restaurant competition and no compromises seem to matter. Not good for the rest of us if the litigant prevails as it will be all of us who stand to lose. The preservation of this historic and beautiful building, and the jobs, tax revenue, and added vibrancy on Water Street will be good news, and will likely generate even more business for the interfering litigant as well as for other downtown merchants. We hope common ground can be found here, for the good of our town.



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